8+ Reasons why scholarship essay.


8+ Reasons why scholarship essay is needed.  No doubt, we ‘Africans’ like to JAPA, in simple terms “search for Education Improvement and Greener Pasture in the ‘Heaven on Earth’ Continent around the “world” so why scholarship essay?

Most especially us, Nigerians.

That is why I have taken timeout to dish you ‘all’ these — 8+ Reasons why scholarshipessay few minutes masterpiece steps, which will serve as a guide for either essay examinations questions or for the real scholarshipsessay.

Trust me, I have been there and these is also gathered collections of famous people’s stories who has gone and conquered in the superb countries. 

People like;

http://Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Famous host of BBN Naija…

why scholarship essay

Who went to American University, College of Law – Washington DC.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, The most popular, African Female Literature Writer of our time.

why scholarship essay


Who studied at Yale University.

Abby Philip, CNN Correspondent.

Who studied at Oxford University.

http://Mehdi Hassan, British Most Prominent Muslim Journalist.

Who studied at Daniel University.

And; http://Mufti Menk, A Popular Clergyman.

Who studied at University of Medinah.

Afterall, it’s a thing of joy to relay to a colleague or close friend or to that, personae you’re trying hard to entice;

Hey! I banged my MSC/PHD degree at HARVARD University or University of Toronto or Manchester University, and powerful countries like; Saudi Arabia, Dubai, CANADA, Australia and USA.

So, whyscholarshipessay?

Or simply put, how do you write a good scholarship essay?

Get your thinking cap readily available for this essential informations i got from Exampl app which you definitely need to get prompt up on. It goes thus;

  • Create an outline for your essay.
  • Like; Your educational and career goal.
  • Why You have selected your stated major career goal.
  • Your life experiences which have influenced this decision.
  • Your anticipated role in the society after your career goal has been achieved.
  • Why, You need the scholarship or an unusual circumstances which may affect your current financial situation.
  • Anything else you feel the scholarship committee or donors need to know about you in order to present yourself as the best candidate for the scholarship.
  • Then, make your essay easy to grasp/ read through thought-provoking words which SHOULDN’T be more than a page sheet.
  • I do recommend though: It’s best you convert it to a soft copy or PDF/JPG format which will not be more than 10kb.

Read how scholarships help students essay.

why scholarship essay

It’s no magic. You just have to follow the below to get its right …

  1. Work hard, evolve and become the best version of yourself.
  2. Add something valuable and crucial to your rat race.
  3. Let it become your everyday routine in order to get that life position you want and deserve right.
  4. Don’t forget,  be you and give it your best shot.

Now, that I have given y’all this amazing tips for your scholarship essays, do well to follow this blog post, share this with 1 or more of your friends.

Lastly, give your thoughts on this.

This blogger appreciates constructive reviews and top notch comments expressing your over thoughts on the topics discussed above.

Ps; Don’t forget to add what you would love to read more on..

Because here, YOU matter especially because you have to win that SCHOLARSHIP!

With love and warm hugs from me to you all,

Goodluck to you, as you win.

It sure will get your thinking prowess some refreshments and emotional intelligence a lift. Moreover whose joy is it?

When achievement suchlike;

“I just got my scholarship letter guys,

Whosoever joy the aforementioned will be, either yours or the inclusiveness of your parents. Make sure to use these valuable must-do tips for scholarships essay. Save it for later, It will come in handy later.



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