Canadian Scholarships for international students In Canada For Nigerians 2022


Canadian Scholarships for Nigerian Students 2022

In Canada, scholarships for international students in Canada For Nigerians are numerous as different scholarships and grants are available to Nigerian students who are pursuing their graduate studies in Canada. 

In this article, we take a look at the details of some of these programs and hopefully this will give you an idea of what to expect as you pursue your degree overseas in the land of opportunity, Canada.

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Canadian Scholarships for Nigerian students 2022/2023

Scholarships and bursaries are a great way to finance your education. 

The government of Canada offers a variety of financial assistance options for Canadian students who are studying outside of their home country including Nigerian students in all fields, at all levels and at any post-secondary institution. 

Canadian scholarships for nigerian students 2022/2023 are administered by CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) as well as universities, colleges, and other organizations across Canada.

List of Canadian Scholarships for Nigerian students 2022/2023:  

Canadian scholarships for Nigerian students 2022/2023,are offered by different levels of government, as well as by private organizations.

The following is a list of Canadian scholarships and bursaries available to Nigerian students in all fields, at all levels and at any post-secondary institution. 

1. Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Scholarships: 

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) offers several scholarship programs to encourage Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are eligible for post-secondary education to undertake studies abroad.

CIDA awards more than 600 scholarships annually with an average value of $2,000 per year ($4,000 maximum). 

These scholarships support undergraduate and graduate students undertaking study in over 80 countries around the world.

Canadian scholarships from CIDA cover full tuition costs for most programs, as well as a monthly living allowance.

Students receive their first instalment before they leave Canada, so they can begin their studies without worrying about financing. The deadline to apply is May 30th of each year.

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2. National Association of Government Student Loans (NAGSL) 

This program is available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are registered at a Canadian post-secondary institution. 

Applicants must be studying full-time in an undergraduate program, at a recognized post-secondary institution, and have a need for financial assistance.

They must also have received an offer of admission from their institution prior to applying.

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3. Ontario Trillium Scholarship Program (OTS) 

This program offers tuition and education-related awards to undergraduate and graduate students who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or protected persons.

Students must be enrolled in a full-time program at an eligible post-secondary institution.

The awards are based on financial need and academic achievement. 

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4. Nova Scotia Department of Education Scholarships 

These scholarships are available to all Nova Scotian high school graduates who have been accepted into a Nova Scotia university, community college or private career college program.

They’ll can also be used by international students whose primary language is English.

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5. Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation (CMSF) Scholarships 

These Canadian scholarships provide funding for post-secondary studies to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents who have been accepted into degree programs at participating colleges and universities across Canada.

These Canadian scholarships cover tuition, as well as some living expenses (the exact amount varies by institution). 

They are awarded on a competitive basis to applicants who have demonstrated excellence in their studies and/or financial need. 

All full-time degree programs at public post-secondary institutions in Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario are eligible.

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How To Apply To Canadian Universities For Scholarship As Nigerian

If you’re attending a school in Canada, scholarships are a great way to minimize your educational costs.

Many Canadian universities provide scholarships to international students including tuition waivers, book awards, and grant money for travel abroad.

In the following section, we will go over the process of applying to Canadian universities for scholarship as a Nigerian student.

You can find a complete guide to the application process here

As a Nigerian student looking to apply to an canadian scholarships for nigerian students 2022/2023,

, here are some scholarship resources to help you.

You must take note that each Canadian university has different application requirements and deadlines.

As a high school student, it’s imperative that you start the application process early. Most universities need an official transcript from your school before they can decide if you qualify for a scholarship.

Even if you are an adult and have graduated from high school, it is not too late to apply for scholarships.

Many Canadian universities offer scholarships specifically designed for students who have completed their undergraduate degrees in another country or Canada.

Scholarships are financial gifts that students can use to pay for tuition, books, housing, and travel expenses.

Canadian scholarship programs often offer awards that will not require repayment after graduation. 

That means you don’t have to worry about paying back your scholarship money if you decide to pursue a job outside of academia.

Top 5 cities in Canada with Fully funded scholarships in canada for international students 2022-2023 For Nigerians

Cities in Canada with available scholarships are: Toronto, Edmonton, Quebec City, Winnipeg and Calgary. You can select any of these cities to pursue your studies in Canada.

Toronto Available Scholarships For Nigerians

There are available free scholarships in Toronto, available need-based as well as merit-based scholarships, and several others that you may be interested in applying to. 

Scholarships can range from graduate to undergraduate degrees, depending on your field of study. 

If you live in Toronto and you’re a Nigerian citizen, then you might want to apply for some of these scholarships because they’re just waiting for you.

Toronto Available Scholarships For Nigerians: Toronto is a major city in Ontario, Canada. It’s located on Lake Ontario and has a population of over 2.7 million people. 

This city is one of North America’s most multicultural cities, and it has a lot to offer in terms of education and culture.

If you’re an international student from Nigeria who’s looking to study in Toronto, then there are scholarships available for you that can help you pay for your studies.

Undergraduate In-Course Bursary Program 2022: If you’re a Nigerian citizen who’s interested in studying at a Canadian university, then you might want to apply for one of these scholarships. 

This scholarship is available to undergraduate students who are in their second year of study and are enrolled in full-time studies. The award amount is $3,000 per year, and it can be used to pay tuition fees.

GSLS Travel Fellowships 2022: These fellowships are available to postgraduate and undergraduate students who want to study in Toronto. 

This is a merit-based scholarship, so you’ll need to have a strong academic record in order to be eligible.

Remember, if you’re a Nigerian citizen who wants to study in Toronto, there are scholarships available that can help pay for your studies. 

This is a canadian scholarships for Nigerian students 2022/2023,don’t only cover tuition fees and books, but also living expenses.

Also, there are other programs you can apply to if you want to study in Toronto.

Therefore, if you live in Nigeria and are a Nigerian citizen studying outside of Nigeria, you might want to consider applying to one of these programs today. 

Edmonton Available Canadian scholarships for Nigerian students 2022/2023

There are numerous scholarship opportunities available for Nigerians in Edmonton. Currently, there are about 500 scholarships available to Nigerians in various fields of study and different levels. 

Scholarships range from undergraduate to graduate level, but the majority of them are made available through local universities. At present, there are 26 local universities that offer scholarships to Nigerians both at undergraduate and graduate level (please find below a list of these universities).

Bishop’s University: The scholarship is available to first year undergraduate students of Nigerian descent. 

Candidates must have achieved an overall average of 80% in their high school education and should be pursuing a full-time degree at Bishop’s University. The scholarship will cover tuition fees and a book allowance for one year only.

Dalhousie University Scholarships: The Undergraduate Merit Scholarship is available to Nigerian undergraduate students. 

The scholarship is tenable for a period of four years and covers tuition fees, a book allowance, a study-abroad allowance and an on-campus residence grant. Students are required to maintain a CGPA of 3.5 in order to be eligible for renewal.

Lastly, I would suggest you start a systematic approach to finding scholarships in order to get financial support. 

The best way to do that is by contacting universities through email and asking them if they offer scholarship awards and what their procedure is.

This will also provide you with more information on available opportunities.

Quebec City Available Scholarship opportunities in canada for international students From Nigeria,

Quebec City is a special place in that its government offers a lot of financial help to foreign graduates in various programs. 

The city has thus been nicknamed Paris of America and if you are planning to study there, it is only apt that you apply for some of these scholarships available for Nigerian graduate students at universities in Quebec City.

NSERC Postgraduate scholarships: One of these Quebec City Available Scholarships For Nigerians is offered by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) to Canadian and foreign applicants. 

This scholarship is awarded to candidates who wish to pursue graduate studies in science, engineering, mathematics and computer science at a Canadian university. 

The aim of this scholarship is to attract high-calibre researchers from around the world. It is worth noting that some provinces have their own financial aid programs for international students.

Western University International Admission Scholarships: Canadian universities also offer a lot of financial help to international students who wish to study there. 

This is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss if you are planning on studying in Quebec City.

The aim of these scholarships is to make higher education accessible and affordable for qualified applicants from around the world.

 NSERC is also offering scholarships to Masters and PhD candidates in Canada. The undergraduate, Master and PhD Scholarships available through NSERC are a means of attracting and retaining highly qualified personnel in science and engineering research. 

These scholars would go on to fill positions at post-secondary institutions, government laboratories, private industry, non-profit organizations and other research settings across Canada. Another name for graduate financial aid is scholarships. 

Winnipeg cholarship opportunities in canada for international students From Nigeria

Winnipeg is located in Manitoba, which creates a wonderful ambiance because of its natural beauty, among many other reasons.

In order to study here and attain scholarships, prospective students should apply to obtain funding. 

Canada and organizations in Winnipeg both provide special scholarship opportunities that are not only free but are available as well. Nigerians who are enrolled in undergraduate programs are eligible for the Scholarships for international students In Canada 

Trudeau Foundation Scholarships: This is one of several types of Canadian scholarships available to those seeking educational opportunities in Canada. 

There are many scholarships offered by organizations and governments, as well as personal awards given out by members of communities that do not necessarily come with specific criteria attached.

However, there are a few types of scholarships that may be easier to obtain than others depending on your particular situation and circumstances.

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships: Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships are available to post-doctorate fellows who wish to conduct research in Canada.

This scholarship is awarded based on academic merit and you must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or protected person to apply.

Students may also be eligible if they have been accepted into a PhD program at a Canadian university and are planning on starting their studies within one year of application.

 To get in touch with a representative at Navillus, you can call their toll-free number or send an email. The organization is available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. 

You may also choose to visit their office located in Winnipeg if you live nearby. 

Regardless of how you choose to contact them, Navillus provides excellent service and is worth considering if you are looking for help with getting scholarship funding. If they can’t help you directly, they may know someone who can.

Calgary Available Scholarships For Nigerians

Study in Canada is among Nigeria’s most popular study destinations. The country offers Nigerians a variety of internationally recognized undergraduate and graduate degree programs at its world-class universities.

Many institutions have quotas specifically reserved for foreign students, making studying in Calgary particularly attractive to Nigerian citizens. 

Here is a list of scholarships available to Nigerians seeking admissions into Canadian universities

McMaster University: – Scholarships in Calgary, Canada are available to undergraduate and graduate students. 

The scholarships cover full tuition fees and provide a monthly stipend.

They are open to all international applicants who meet admission requirements and have completed their secondary education.

University of Manitoba: – There are several scholarships available to Nigerian citizens pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees at The University of Manitoba. Scholarships range from $2,000 to $20,000 per year. The awards are based on academic merit and financial need.

 Many other universities in Calgary and Alberta also have scholarships available to eligible Nigerian citizens. 

Free Scholarship in Canada for Nigerian Students: How to Apply

If you are Canadian and Nigerian, you can get a free scholarship in Canada to study any field at any accredited Canadian college or university as long as you meet certain criteria and conditions that the government of Canada has set out. 

This article will help you understand how to apply for this scholarship and what to expect if you are selected as one of the awardees of this great opportunity.

Undergraduate Scholarships for international students In Canada 

The Government of Canada offers a number of different scholarships that you can apply for online at

Most Canadian scholarships require you to submit your application through a central organisation such as OSAP (see below). If you’re applying for a scholarship administered by OSAP, make sure you read their instructions carefully and complete all necessary forms on time.

Alberta Student Aid offers several scholarships available to students from other countries. For example, if you’re a student from one of these countries and you want to study business administration, contact Alberta Student Aid before applying. 

 For many scholarships, you need to apply on time. The timing of deadlines varies from one scholarship to another. Sometimes it’s possible that you need a bank statement or certificate of employment if you are applying for a free scholarship. 

 Alberta Scholarships. The Alberta government offers a number of different scholarships. You can find information about many Alberta scholarships, including eligibility requirements and application forms on 

Alberta International Graduate Awards.

Alberta international graduate awards are available to master’s or doctoral students who graduated from an approved university outside of Canada, as well as undergraduate students who attend an approved post-secondary school outside of Alberta. Eligible recipients receive financial assistance and must agree to live and work in Alberta following graduation.

 If you need help with your application or want more information about how to apply, contact OSAP. You can also read their complete guide on how to apply for a scholarship.

Graduate Scholarships for international students In Canada 

The University of Toronto is Canada’s top-ranked school, and it also offers one of North America’s most generous graduate scholarship programs. 

Applicants must be accepted into a graduate program at U of T and have applied for, or received, their provincial government-funded Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS). Once selected by U of T, OGS recipients may then apply for an additional scholarship the Dean’s Graduate Award which can range from $5,000–$15,000 CAD. 

Scholarships are available on both an application basis as well as through internal competitions that are run annually by departments. For example, arts students can compete for an Art & Science Council Graduate Student Award worth up to $10,000 CAD per year; social work students can enter Canadian Forces Auxiliary Services competitions with awards ranging from $3,500–$20,000; and law students can vie for several different awards totaling up to $75,000 per year.

Applying for scholarships is just one of many ways international students can fund their education. U of T’s Graduate Financial Assistance Office also offers up-to-$10,000 grants (that can be used as a loan), which are typically reserved for those entering PhD or Masters programs and who demonstrate financial need.

Scholarships for international students In Canada

 Scholarships available exclusively through U of T’s International Student Centre can range from $2,000–$10,000. Scholarships awarded by faculties and departments at U of T are also worth a look; they typically require students to be nominated by their department or faculty (and competition can be fierce). 

However, they’re also often limited to students studying certain disciplines or specializing in specific areas. 

In addition to federal government grants, Ontario residents may qualify for provincial scholarships—such as Trillium Awards ($3,000) and Ontario Graduate Scholarships ($1,500/year as well as bursaries offered by individual universities. 

The Toronto School of Theology also offers competitive awards ranging from $5,000–$20,000 CAD. These awards vary depending on factors such as religious affiliation and field of study. 

To qualify for a graduate scholarship at U of T, you must be an international student studying at one of U of T’s three campuses (St. George, Mississauga or Scarborough) or at one of its satellite schools. 

You must also be enrolled full-time (minimum 3 courses per term), be registered in a graduate program and have applied for provincial funding through OGS. 

The University of Toronto is home to some of Canada’s top researchers and faculty members, which makes it an attractive place for students looking to get their master’s degree.

The school boasts more than 10,000 students from over 150 countries who study under more than 2,500 professors.

Fully funded canadian scholarships for nigerian students 2022

Although not exactly common, there are a few options available for Nigerian students who want to study abroad in Canada.

This can be particularly useful if you’re looking to undertake a postgraduate course, which is becoming increasingly popular among international students thanks to its relatively low cost and high employment rate after graduation. 

canadian scholarships for nigerian students 2022/2023

The first step is always getting your grades up and checking you meet the minimum academic requirements required by whichever institution you’re applying with and it never hurts if you have some experience working or volunteering either. 

Scholarships aren’t just available to postgraduate students, they are also open to undergraduate students as well. 

This is even more true of students who are looking at studying abroad in Canada, which has a number of options that don’t require tuition fees. 

For example, there are many programs available through CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) and other Canadian organizations that will fund your studies if you’re from an underdeveloped country and can demonstrate how your education will benefit your community when you return home. 

There are also scholarships available through Canadian universities themselves and these can be very competitive; not only do they include funding but they often come with additional perks such as free accommodation or a monthly stipend too. 


Can I get a scholarship in Canada from Nigeria?

The short answer is yes. Canada offers free scholarships in different fields of study and with different requirements, however all applicants need a degree, a university transcript showing proof of completion and at least one year of full-time work experience in their field. 

Canadian universities are also beginning to offer several types of scholarships especially geared towards students from Africa. 

One example is a full scholarship offered by The University of British Columbia to two undergraduate students each year who study in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) field.

Does Canada provide fully funded scholarships?

Canada provides fully funded scholarships and other forms of financial aid and support to international students through its extensive scholarship programs. Canada is unique because it’s one of only a few countries that offers scholarships targeted toward international students. 

According to International Education Financial Aid Services, nearly 50 percent of international student aid funding comes from private Canadian sources. This creates an opportunity for foreign students because it means there are lots of opportunities available that aren’t necessarily listed on government websites.

What grades do you need to get a scholarship in Canada?

The grades you need to get a scholarship will depend on what types of scholarships you’re applying for. For example, in Canada, most scholarship competitions have different requirements.

The University of Toronto, for example, requires a high school average of 80 percent or higher to qualify for its Merit Scholarships and 30 percent or higher to qualify for its Access Programs. 

On average though, you should have at least a 70 percent high school average to be considered for a Canadian scholarship.

Does Ielts score matter for scholarship?

Your IELTS score is only one factor considered. Some scholarships have a minimum score, some require a TOEFL score instead, and some don’t mention any language requirement at all. 

There are many more factors involved such as how much you will contribute to Canadian society, what your academic standing is like, your extracurricular activities, and several other factors. 

So if you feel worried about not having an ideal IELTS score or something else that worries you about scholarships in general, rest assured.

Which scholarships are easy to get?

To help you identify scholarships that you’re a good candidate for, consider which ones are easy to get. Easy-to-get scholarships are typically sponsored by businesses or non-profits, and have larger awards and fewer restrictions. 

These require less work on your part no essay or application process is necessary. 

Here are some examples of easy-to-get scholarships: 

There are plenty of other easy-to-get scholarships out there. For example, Chick Fil A has a scholarship program that awards college students with a $3,500 scholarship and an invitation to a leadership summit. If you have financial need, you can apply directly through their website.

Coca Cola Scholars Program; This is a national scholarship competition that offers up to $20,000 per year. The program is open to all high school seniors with a minimum 3.0 GPA and U.S. citizenship. 

The application requires you to write an essay on your future plans, what makes you unique, and why you deserve a scholarship from Coca Cola.

There are other easy-to-get scholarships out there, such as Alco Stores, Inc., Orville Redenbacher Scholarship. 

These are all great examples of how easy it is to get a scholarship and save yourself some money.

How can a Nigerian study in Canada?

If you’re a Nigerian citizen who has lived in Canada and completed at least one year of full-time study in high school or CEGEP, then there are a number of Canadian scholarship programs that are open to you. Here one of them.
The Connaught Global Scholars Program is supported by a collaboration between Western University and College Universitaire de Lille III as well as other institutions from Canada, France, Ghana, Korea and Tanzania.
To be eligible for scholarships through it you must be planning to enroll in an undergraduate program at Western University with funding available for students from Africa and Europe (including France). You also need to have already taken two years of French or its equivalent.

What are the chances of winning scholarships?

Statistics show that your odds of winning a scholarship are low-roughly 1 in 3 million. Still, 1 in 3 scholarships won do not result in $5,000 a year in scholarships.

Scholarships can be given by government agencies, charitable organizations and educational institutions based on various criteria such as academic achievement or involvement in extracurricular activities.

Which universities give the most scholarships?

While scholarships can come from anywhere, the larger universities often have more scholarship funding available. 

Scholarships for international students In Canada

Some schools such as Yale, Columbia and Berkeley are no strangers to making headlines with the generosity of their scholarships; students entering one of these institutions will receive hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year through scholarships alone. 

If you’re planning on attending university but don’t want to take out student loans, it may be a good idea to look into schools like these.

How hard is it to get a full ride scholarship?

It is very hard to get a full ride scholarship if you are a student. 

There is only one way and that is by winning an award like a scholarship, fellowship or prize. For example, it may be a political science major who wins an award to study abroad on scholarship but such students are few and far between. It’s not impossible but it’s highly unlikely. 

An easier path to travel might be using scholarships as part of your budget. 

In order to apply for any kind of canadian scholarships for nigerian graduate students, whether it’s from a school or other organisation, you will need some basic information.


Just like with any other country, there are lots of scholarship opportunities available if you know where to look.

Keep your options open and you’ll find a wealth of money just waiting for you.

If you’re Nigerian, be sure to check out these scholarships that are open to all students no matter what their nationality is.



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