How Much Scholarship Can I Get From Mahadbt
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How Much Scholarship Can I Get From Mahadbt

    How Much Scholarship Can I Get From Mahadbt

    How much Scholarship can I get from mahadbt – Aaple Sarkar DTB (Direct Benefit Board) or better known as Mahadbt is an online Scholarship opportunities provided by the state government of maharashtra.

    This opportunity comes as a post matric Scholarship because it is majorly aimed at those with low income that can’t afford school fees and other school money.

    Mahadbt Scholarship have been the reason most of the persons in maharashtra are educated. It is a government provided Scholarship for only citizens of Maharashtra.

    Recently they removed the citizenship status on the award and rather referred to it as award for those that are domicile in the state.

    This means, if you permanently live in maharashtra, you are free to apply for the Scholarship through their online portal.

    One of the key and major objective of this Scholarship is to ensure effective and equity disbursement of Scholarship across the state.

    Note: Maharashtra is a state that is located in India. Of cause we know India is very good when it comes to education.

    Here are some take home points about Mahadbt Scholarship.

    1. The window for this Scholarship is always opens December 31st of every years and runs till may 31st.
    2. For old student renewing their Scholarship, Application acceptance have started
    3. For New applications, you will have to wait till December because 2022 season has ended.
    4. You must be living or citizen of maharashtra before you can apply for this Scholarship.

    You can equally do more research to get more information.

    So back to the Question “How much Scholarship can I get from mahadbt

    You can get just 1 Scholarship which will be renewed every year till you graduate.

    How Long are Scholarships Awarded

    Scholarships are awarded on yearly basis, so if you won a Scholarship,  it is suppose to run for complete one year if that’s what the requirements tells.

    But some Scholarship run for complete 4years or more, depending on how many years you will stay in school. This type is called fully funded Scholarship.

    How long your Scholarship will last depends on the providers and you get earn as many Scholarships as possible.

    Are Scholarship based on financial Need?

    Scholarships are basically based on financial need or merit and can be for both at the same time.

    It can be given be the government,  University/College or private sector and civil organisations.

    Every school have their own criteria on how or how much they can give out on scholarships every year and the basis for choosing the winners.

    How to Ask for Need based Scholarship

    Need based Scholarship are Scholarships awarded based on financial need. It is not because of your good academic performance but rather due to family income.

    To ask for a need based Scholarship, you will need to email the school admission office. Try and personalize your letter so it won’t be taken as form letter.

    Need Base Scholarship for International students in United States

    Hers are some of the need based Scholarships you should consider as an international student living in U.S

    • Columbia university Scholarship
    • Fulbright Scholarship U.S.A
    • Stamford University Scholarship

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