How Much Scholarship Did You Get


How Much Scholarship Did You Get

When a student wins a scholarship, his or her mind will obviously be “how much will I get”? The thought of how to spend the money will be his utmost priority, although most scholarships are tutions fees while some are paid to bank accounts.

The amount given to students as a scholarship varies from their benefactors.Be it academic, Chevening, sports or Government scholarship, their prize tags obviously differ.Given the fact that scholarship aids are free gifts, the goal and vision for awarding it is solely for human capacity development and not how much scholarship you get.

Scholarship amount could range from $5000 to $20000 or something more, it’s presumed to fully fund the project.With reference to the strength of the awarding institution, some give full, partial and small scholarships.

Full scholarship fee

  • Government and multinational institutions are touted to offer full scholarships when the need arises.Their Scholarship attaches benefits like feeding allowances, accomodation, transport allowances, hospital bills, taxes deduction.under graduates, post graduates students around the have benefited immensely from fully funded tuition fees.

Partial Scholarship fee

  • Most academic scholarships cover only a section of tuition fees.Source of such scholarships are usually from charitable organization, foundation, philanthropist, NGOS etc.Although a handful of them deemed it necessary to cater for all expenses uncured, their financial capacity may prompted why they could do such.These scholarship could be in the range of $1000 – $10000 as the case may be and mostly done online

Small Scholarship

  • Some scholarship comes as token, ranging from $1000 to $3000.The like of Andrea’s schild memorial mountain prize that is awarded every year, successful applicants are given $2500 each.
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Which scholarship is available now

Awarding of scholarship to students or non students is key to societal development, but not many are not able to know when such opportunity comes.Students who have it take to browse the internet see both local and foreign advertise scholarships.This article will educate us about available Scholarships that people can apply for.

Global Health Advocacy Incubator

  • Application for global health advocacy incubator health food policy fund is open in the United States.The foundation provided strategic support to group’s who are working to implement healthy food policies.Application deadline is 30th june 2022.

UK Nigeria Tech Hub

  • UK Nigeria tech hub for female entrepreneurs invites applications for interested Nigeria female applicant’s.This is a top global opportunity for foreign students to explore, worth if award is full funding.Application is currently ongoing, interested Nigeria female entrepreneurs are at liberty to visit the site and submit application before deadline day.

Paradigm Initiative For Young Africans

  • Paradigm initiative invites application for PIN@15 essay/debate for young african youths.This project helps to connect young African entrepreneurs with digital skills and financing.Winners for this award will be announced during PIN anniversary award dinner on Saturday 23rd 2022.Application is ongoing interested young african youths are liberty to apply.

Afro Asiatisches institute Salburg

  • Afro Asiatisches institut Salburg is currently inviting students to apply for the AAI Salzburg grant scholarship.The scholarship targets students from developing countries for the 2022/2023 academic year.AAI is a non profit organization that promotes its policies towards human capacity development around the globe.

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