65 List Of Unskilled Jobs In Canada For Foreigners & How Much You Can Earn


Today we are discussing the following and also listings bout 60 unssskilled jobs you can do as international & foreign worker in Canada.

List of 65 Unskilled Jobs In Canada For Foreigners
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What is unskilled jobs?

  1. List of unskilled jobs in Canada,
  2. What is the highest paying unskilled job,
  3. Best unskilled jobs in Canada,
  4. What is unskilled jobs,
  5. List of jobs for unskilled workersAt the end of this article, you will be able to find works that doe snoto not certificate and of which you can start immediately. You also be able to get this jobs and learn how to improve your skill for higher pay in Canada or Ontario wherever you find yourself.

Today we are discussing all available 40 unskilled jobs in Cananda in Otario and Ottawa esspecially.

But what is unskilled jobs? It refers to a job often used to refer to professional positions that don’t require a college qualification, degree, or special skills to enter the workforce. Instead, the skills necessary are acquired while performing the work itself.

The majority of these jobs are highly sought-after and have a high turnover based on the sector. In addition, these jobs offer work opportunities for large segments of the population who have or may not have been certified with any specific training or education.

What precisely is an untrained job?

Because an untrained position doesn’t require specialization to perform its daily job duties, most of these jobs are considered entry-level positions with education in the field. Although having a certain level of experience could give you an edge in gaining and excelling in the position, it’s not required to perform the job. Unskilled positions are available in many sectors, including maintenance, hospitality, and retail. These jobs allow you to improve your skills through experiences in the field.

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Jobs that pay well for unskilled workers

The following list contains jobs that are typically untrained and not skilled and average salaries which are linked to Indeed Salaries, where the average salary date is regularly updated:

  1. Server – List of unskilled jobs in Canada,

The national average salary is $12.01 an hour.

Principal duties: Servers assist in providing excellent food service to diners. They accept orders, give menu suggestions based on the customer’s preference, communicate requests to the kitchen and bartending staff, and serve food to customers. Servers can assist in preparing food, serving customers, seating them, and accepting payment.

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  1. Janitor What is the highest paying unskilled job

The national average salary is $12.09 for an hour.

Primarily, Janitors are accountable for the cleanliness of structures like schools, hospitals, offices, and libraries. Their responsibilities include cleaning windows and dusting, emptying trash bins, cleaning and mopping floors, and cleaning bathrooms. Janitors are usually employed before or after working hours. They are accountable for locking and securing the building. Certain janitors may also do minor repairs and maintain stock of cleaning equipment.

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  1. Transport driver

Average national salary: $12.52 an hour

Primary duties: Transport drivers deliver clients to various destinations. They might work for a taxi company, a limousine company, a ridesharing company, or other transport services. Transport drivers are accountable for maintaining a clean vehicle and determining the most efficient route to travel following weather conditions, road conditions and the traffic pattern. They could be responsible for collecting payment, unloading and reloading luggage and answering any questions about the region.

  1. The Stocking Associate

Average national salary: $12.60 an hour

Principal Responsibilities: Stocking associates are accountable for coordinating the receiving of inventory and maintaining it for retail establishments. They can be employed in a warehouse or in a retail store. Stocking associates typically utilize inventory maintenance software to control the inventory, run inventory checks, and purchase new items. They can also use forklifts to transport and manage bulk deliveries. Stocking associates in retail stores could be in charge of answering questions from customers and filling up the sales floor and setting up displays.

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  1. Care associate

Average national salary: $12.92 an hour

Principal duties: Care associates are medical assistants who assist patients in hospitals with essential medical services and residents of long-term care facilities with routine tasks. They could be accountable for helping patients get into their beds, exercising, eating, bathing and obtaining samples, inserting catheters, and monitoring vital symptoms. Care associates are usually the medical personnel who see patients the most often, and they’re typically expected to be able to document the changes that occur in patients’ psychological, physical and mental health. Care associates must be able to carry out CPR and other forms of emergency first-aid.

  1. Food production worker

The national average salary is $13.13 an hour

Principal duties: Food production workers aid kitchen staff prepare and put together meals. They are employed in many different locations that offer food items, such as schools, restaurants, assisted living establishments as well as coffee shops, hotels, and hospitals. Food production workers are accountable for ensuring that food items are properly stored and of good quality ingredients are prepared properly and the surfaces of the kitchen are kept clean and disinfected. They typically have to mix, prepare and serve meals according to the standards of the kitchen.

  1. Guardsman for security

The national average salary is $13.25 for an hour

Principal responsibilities: Security guards are accountable for ensuring the security of an organisation’s property and employees. They frequently patrol the premises and buildings, and use surveillance equipment to watch buildings, deliver deliveries, and permit entry to staff and visitors. Security guards keep records and reports that show who was present on the premises, make sure that all equipment is in working order and maintain the records of any incident that occurs.

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  1. Farmworker

The national average salary is $13.25 an hour

Primarily, they take care of livestock and tend the crops. They typically employ heavy farm equipment to clear the land to sow seeds, and then lay irrigation pipes. They also examine and harvest crops manually. The majority of farmworkers use pesticides in order to manage fungi insects, and weeds. The work involves feeding, cleaning and examining animals, and also clean their pens, apply medications and label their pens with tags or brand names.

  1. Receptionist

Average national salary: $13.48 an hour

The primary duties of receptionists: They are usually the first person customers, vendors and other visitors meet when they come to the business. They greet guests at the office and guide them to the right office. They typically respond to calls and emails and direct them to the correct person or to take messages or a call, and may take, sort and distribute mail. Receptionists usually manage files or schedule meetings, and create calendars, and complete similarly administrative functions.

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  1. Maintenance worker for the ground

The national average salary is $13.60 for an hour

The primary responsibilities of Grounds Maintenance workers are accountable for the maintenance and mowing of property or building grounds. They usually plant flowers, do repairs cut grass and pull out weeds out and keep the look of their grounds. They might apply fertilizer or pesticides, clear paths as well as trim branches of trees as well as the shrubs. Grounds maintenance workers can also install outdoor furniture and oversee irrigation systems.

  1. The veterinary assistant

The national average salary is $13.43 an hour

The primary duties of veterinary assistants are to assist veterinarians and technicians to take care of animals under their care. They usually bathe as well as exercise, feed and administer medications to animals. The veterinary assistants can also collect samples for testing , and also keep animals in a cage while they’re being assessed. Veterinarian assistants typically clean and disinfect kennels, operating rooms, surgical equipment, and examination rooms. Certain veterinary assistants help in office administration, assist pet owners, and provide initial aid to pets until veterinarians technician is able to reach them.

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  1. Sanitation worker Best unskilled jobs in Canada

Average national salary: $13.59 an hour

The main job of sanitation workers is to take garbage and haul it away from businesses and homes to the disposal facilities. They usually drive and carry out regular maintenance and cleaning on their vehicles. Workers in sanitation may need to lift heavy loads and operate machines that are heavy.

  1. Mail processor

The national average salary is $14.07 an hour

The primary responsibilities of mail processors are that they are accountable for receiving mail, sorting and routing it. They typically work within the post office but could also be employed by third-party shipping companies , or incorporate mailrooms. Mail processors typically use the ability to calibrate, repair, and calibrate equipment for labeling and sorting mail. They can employ tracking software or other logs for recording the incoming and outgoing mail shipment.

  1. Sales Representative

Average national salary: $14.67 for an hour

The primary responsibilities of sales representatives are to offer goods and services to customers. They utilize customer service and communication skills along with an understanding of their products to guide customers to purchase products that meet their requirements. Sales representatives are able to work face-to-face on the phone, or on the internet. They could be accountable to increase their client base by marketing, merchandising and following sales leads. Sales reps typically keep the records of sales, place orders and study trends in sales.

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  1. Assistant to the administrator

The national average salary is $15.68 for an hour

Principal duties: Administrative assistants help to ensure that an office runs smoothly. They usually compose reports, research, manage filing systems, input information into different software programs, and then send out mail. Administrative assistants can also schedule appointments and make travel plans. They must be knowledgeable of office equipment like copiers, phones, fax machines, and copiers as well as software suites, such as spreadsheets, word processors and databases, and order software.

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  1. Delivery driver

The national average salary is $16.20 an hour

The main job of delivery drivers is to deliver goods to customers with a vehicle, van or truck. They make sure that the items arrive without damage they also take inventory and load it, and record details to aid in tracking deliveries and offer customer assistance to the person who received the package. Delivery drivers typically decide to alter and modify their routes for delivery according to weather conditions or traffic patterns as well as construction.

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  1. Construction worker list of jobs for unskilled workers

The national average salary is $16.18 an hour

The primary responsibilities of construction workers work in teams to finish construction projects, like infrastructure and buildings. They typically use heavy equipment to clean up of debris, pave and dig. Construction workers typically move and unload material as well as direct traffic to the worksite and assist contractors with their various tasks. They can install and take down temporary structures like barriers and scaffolding.

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  1. The tax preparer

Average national salary: $16.82 an hour

The main duties of tax preparers are to make use of software for tax preparation to assist clients complete tax forms and submit them. Tax preparers typically work as an accountant who is certified (CPA) as well as tax file service. They usually gather financial records and conduct meetings with clients to ensure that all tax records are precise.

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  1. Property management

Average national salary: $17.31 for an hour

The primary responsibilities of property managers are to manage rental properties and offer services to tenants. They typically advertise vacancies and set rental rates. They also make lease agreements, and make maintenance requests. Property managers collaborate with contractors, vendors, and agencies in order to ensure that their properties are kept up-to-date. Property managers also manage the property’s files, which include application forms, tenet evictions for background checks and credit reports, as well as payments and other papers.

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  1. Flight attendant

Average national salary: $25.13 an hour

Principal responsibilities: Flight attendants are accountable for ensuring the security of their passengers as well as members of the crew. They oversee the safety equipment, provide the overview on procedures for emergencies, make sure that aisles are clear and are able to respond to medical emergencies. Flight attendants also offer customer services by serving drinks, food and snacks.

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  1. Claims adjuster

The national average salary is $31.01 an hour

The primary responsibilities of Claims Adjusters are to manage insurance claims submitted by their customers. They investigate claims, and may even interview witnesses, to confirm that claims are protected under an insurance policy. They also review photos and statements and assess damages. They can issue payments and make settlement agreements.

Other jobs that aren’t skilled

There are numerous jobs available that don’t require a college degree. Here are a few other options you can look into with a distinction by industry.


Transportation jobs that aren’t skilled include:

  • Railroad switch operators
  • Rail car repairers
  • Subway operators
  • Mechanics
  • Commercial truck drivers
  • Specialists in logistics
  • Transit police
  • Conductors of railroads


Certain manufacturing positions are:

  • Mining
  • Production supervisors
  • Chemical plant Operators
  • Extraction workers
  • Operators of oil refineries
  • Mill workers


Specific construction jobs that require no training include:

  • Floor installers
  • Hazmat removal workers
  • Elevator repairers
  • Electronics installers
  • Building inspectors
  • Wood pattern makers
  • Pest control workers
  • Roofers
  • Maintenance employees

Service and hospitality

The hospitality and service industry includes many jobs that aren’t skilled to help you get going. These include:

  • Bartenders
  • Dishwashers
  • Service clerks
  • Hotel night auditors
  • Retail management
  • Warehouse workers
  • Food preparation workers
  • Catering staff
  • Merchandisers
  • Bouncers
  • Technical Support
  • Ushers

As you can see were able to list about 60 unskilled jobs in Canada, these are the jobs you can find anywhere you find yourself in. Kindly add your list of unskilled jobs in Canada in the comment box. Willing to hear from you.


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