Top 10+ Scholarship for High School Students in Canada 2022


 Scholarship for High School Students in Canada 2022

If you’re a high school student in Canada who’s looking to get some money to help pay for your college or university education, you’re in luck!

There are tons of opportunities available to get scholarships if you know where to look and how to apply.

We’ve compiled some of the top scholarships available to high school students in Canada, so check them out today!

In recent years, there has been an increase in competition for post-secondary education for students, which is most evident among high school students.

Here’s why: high school marks determine whether or not you qualify for certain scholarships.

Many of Canada’s most coveted scholarships are based solely on high school grades.

For example, one scholarship even awards ten $10,000 annual scholarships based on final grades alone.

Despite its name, The BMO Financial Group National Scholarship Program isn’t just open to those who have graduated from high school – it also offers to fund students currently enrolled in college or university.

In today’s fast-paced world, high school students often feel pressured to do everything right and achieve top marks to get into a prestigious program at a post-secondary institution.

It can be overwhelming knowing where to start and what exactly it takes to earn scholarships for high school students in Canada.

This guide will take you through every step necessary so that you can focus on getting top marks and reaching your academic goals.

From identifying available scholarships and learning how they work, to getting tips on improving your study habits and test scores, we cover all bases here!

How to Get Scholarships in Canada

Scholarships for high school students in Canada are not easy to find, but there are a few you can apply for.

To get scholarships in Canada for high school students, you must find one that is available for high school students only or one that specifically states that no age limit applies.

For instance, certain scholarships offered by teachers’ unions only offer money to members who are either currently working as a teacher or have worked as a teacher in recent years.

It might be worth your while to check if you qualify even if it seems like an unlikely fit at first glance.

There’s also some good news on finding awards in Canada for high school students—it is usually easier than doing so in other countries because there aren’t as many qualifications and requirements involved!

For example, when applying for scholarships in Canada for high school students, keep these things in mind: The application deadline is crucial to getting any scholarship awarded.

You will want to plan and submit your application well before its due date.
You should always read all of its instructions carefully and follow them explicitly.

If you don’t think you will have enough time to do everything they ask of you before their deadline, then consider applying earlier than necessary so that you won’t miss out on something great just because of procrastination!

Finally, look into federal scholarships for high school students in Canada! This is another route to scholarship money that you shouldn’t overlook.

Most people forget about federal aid opportunities because they assume scholarships are meant exclusively for college-bound kids.

But there are plenty of options open to everyone looking to further their education without taking out student loans.

And many of these federal scholarship programs may require little more than filling out a form (with very basic information) online—no essays required!

High School Scholarship Application

Many students will realize that there are a variety of scholarship opportunities available to them while they are still in high school.

A high percentage of scholarships given out annually go to high school students.

While you may be excited at the thought of winning some money while still a student, it’s important to remember that most scholarship applications require you to either be a student or have recently graduated.

The good news is that there are many scholarships available right now; unfortunately, not all are accepting applications just yet.

If you do want to apply for scholarships when you are still in high school, we recommend doing your research and applying as early as possible.

Start with checking out scholarship websites and apps specifically designed for high school students.

These websites can help direct you toward scholarship opportunities based on your interests and academic background.

You should also make sure that any essays or application requirements don’t change during your senior year of high school, as meeting these deadlines can be difficult if your schedule changes unexpectedly.

Once you have identified a few scholarships worth applying for, get started on your applications right away!

How can I get a scholarship for high school in Canada?

There are scholarships available for high school students right here in Canada. If you are looking to finance your education and you want to find out how can I get a scholarship for high school in Canada? Then read on!

Let’s explore why they’re so crucial and when you should apply. First, let’s discuss why these awards are essential.

There is no better time than now to ensure that you’re getting all of your money-saving opportunities; it’s time to get serious about your post-secondary education financing and make sure that you’re taking advantage of all that scholarships have to offer.

Here are some reasons why scholarships for high school students are important: The cost of tuition continues to rise at an alarming rate – According to Statistics Canada, tuition fees increased by over $2000 between 2002 and 2012.

This means that even though many grants and scholarships may seem like small amounts today, they could be a life saver in just a few years.

By starting early with research into what scholarships you might qualify for, you’ll not only save yourself money down the road but will also give yourself peace of mind knowing that your college or university years won’t break your bank account.

You never know where your future lies – You may think that you’ve already figured out exactly where you want to go after graduation, but don’t forget that there are always exceptions to every rule.

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It would be silly to assume that everything will go according to plan without having any sort of backup plan in place just in case things don’t work out as expected.

Think about it from a financial perspective: if one plan doesn’t work out, wouldn’t it be nice to know that there was another option waiting for you instead of scrambling around trying desperately to figure something else out last minute?

Time is running out – The sooner you start thinking about scholarships for high school students, the more likely you are to receive them.

While we can’t stress enough how important it is to start researching and applying as soon as possible, we also understand that sometimes extenuating circumstances arise that prevent us from doing so immediately.

We encourage everyone who wants to take advantage of scholarships for high school students to get started right away, but if you do happen to miss a deadline or two (or three), don’t worry!

Many scholarship providers have rolling deadlines which means that even if yours has passed there’s still hope – just keep checking back until one comes along that fits your schedule.

Requirement For High School Scholarships In Canada

To qualify for one of these scholarships, students must be Canadian citizens and either have been accepted into an accredited post-secondary institution or must have already started their studies.

Grade 12 is required to be completed before starting post-secondary education and proof of first language proficiency may also be required.

Most scholarship competitions require candidates to submit an essay and/or letter stating the reason why they should receive a scholarship.

In most cases, a student’s grades are not considered when scholarships are being assigned as financial need is usually more important than marks.

There are no set application deadlines; however, there are often only enough scholarships available for a fraction of the total applicants which means that some competitions close before others due to lack of funding.

Main Types of Scholarships For High School Students In Canada.

Scholarship For Academic Merit

There are many scholarships for academic merit, but you must have good grades to be eligible.

There are also scholarships based on other criteria, like athletic ability or artistic talent.

These merit-based scholarships include some of the most generous awards available to high school students.

Merit-based scholarships typically have fairly simple applications and may not require essays or recommendation letters, making them some of your best options if you’re trying to win one before college.

The national Canadian Millennium Scholarship Foundation awards more than $10 million annually to Canadian high school students with demonstrated financial needs who maintain an 80% average grade point average throughout their secondary schooling.

There is no application process—the scholarship is simply given to those who meet eligibility requirements and apply by October 31st each year.

Scholarship For Leadership

The Future Leaders Scholarship is designed to support a student’s higher education endeavours.

Through a program of mentorship, professional development and experiential learning, these funds help identify and foster leadership potential early on so that students can achieve more at every stage of their life.

The scholarship is available to any high school student who wants to be an entrepreneur or future leader.

Applicants must submit an essay explaining how they plan to use $10,000 over three years towards developing their skills as a leader and working towards achieving specific goals.

To apply, students must submit their applications by December 1st of their senior year. Winners will be announced in January.

The scholarship will cover up to four years of undergraduate study.

Scholarship For Athletics

If you’re a star athlete, or even if you play on your high school team, it might be worth exploring scholarship opportunities.

Lots of organizations offer scholarships to students who are both athletically gifted and academically promising.

The Ontario Association of Food Banks offers a scholarship that requires athletes to have completed at least two years of high school and be enrolled full-time (with plans to continue post-secondary education). Winners receive up to $5,000 toward their tuition.


Top Scholarship For High School Students In Canada 2022

– Bert Presets Academic Scholarships 2022-2023

Nowadays, we can see a lot of people want to be art students because they want to create something amazing.

If you’re going to school and will start attending next year, you should know that many opportunities are waiting for you.

Art is an open field and your insight will make all of the difference.

No matter how old you are or what kind of experience you have, there is always some chance waiting for you!

Some scholarships may require submitting a portfolio so it’s better to have already worked on some projects before applying.

The Bert Presets Academic Scholarships 2022-2023 offer CAD 500 annually for 4 years to all high school graduates who wish to study any visual arts program at a university or college.

fully funded scholarship for high school students in canada

Canadian students who are high school graduates may be eligible for a variety of scholarships to support their post-secondary studies.

Scholarships can offer financial assistance with tuition, books, supplies and more. Some provide money for living expenses, while others require students to perform community service or meet other requirements before they receive funding.

Fully funded scholarships can provide between $500 and $10,000 annually, while partial funding varies based on type and value of award.

In most cases, students must reapply for these awards annually; some grants are provided for multiple years as long as recipients maintain good academic standing.

Canadian scholarships can help students save money on education costs, which is important because higher education is often one of the largest expenses new grads face.

Government scholarships for high school students

There are a few high school scholarships for Canadian students that are offered by various government agencies.

These scholarships can be extremely helpful when it comes to paying for higher education because they often cover all or most of your tuition.

Unfortunately, these high school scholarships aren’t available to every student and there is usually an application process that is followed before you are approved for any funding.

However, if you qualify for any of these high school scholarships from government agencies, you should consider applying as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out on what could end up being a very generous offer of help with college costs.

– Define Yourself Scholarship

This scholarship is one of my favourites because it’s open to almost everyone: students looking to go to college, high school seniors thinking about going to graduate school and anyone else who is planning on attending an accredited educational institution in a full-time capacity.

There are no grades or GPA requirements and there are three separate categories from which you can apply: arts, communications or any other major.

– Brandon Goodman Scholarship

The Brandon Goodman Scholarship is designed to help cover expenses while students further their education.

The scholarship is sponsored by Blum Capital Partners and First Republic Bank, and it has helped thousands of bright young minds reach their full potential.

The scholarship was created in memory of Brandon Goodman, who was tragically killed in an automobile accident at age 14.

To qualify, students must be entering high school or continuing high school studies during the summer before grade 11; they must be planning to pursue post-secondary education beyond grade 12, and they must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

In return, winners receive $2,500 per year for up to four years ($10,000 total).

– Toronto French School – Grade 7 Entrance Scholarships In Canada

USD 500.00 Scholarship Award: USD 500.00 Eligibility: Toronto French School Grade 7 Entrance Scholarship is open to students entering Grade 7 in September 2018.

You must reside within Metropolitan Toronto and you must submit an essay of between 400 and 600 words on How has studying French or another language benefited you and how will it benefit you if you study it at a higher level, to be considered for a scholarship award.

– St. Michaels Boarding School Scholarship

This scholarship has been awarded annually since 1986. It is available to high school students who have been accepted into a full-time post-secondary program.

One hundred applicants are selected to be finalists and two winners are awarded $500 each, one male and one female.

Applicants must be Canadian citizens or legal residents and they cannot be related to any of St. Michaels Boarding School’s employees or directors.

To apply, candidates must submit an essay with their application that includes: Why you should receive The St. Michaels Boarding School Scholarship
Your greatest strength
Your biggest weakness
A time when you had to overcome failure
How your academic performance has impacted your community
What qualities do you possess that make you a good leader
What you will do with your scholarship money If selected as a finalist, candidates will also be required to attend an interview in either Toronto or Vancouver (TBD).

The essay portion of the application should be no more than 1000 words. The winner will be announced on May 1st.

– Joubin/Selig Scholarship Fund For Post-Secondary Education

The Joubin/Selig Scholarship Fund was established by alumni Michael Joubin ’04 and Matthew Selig ’03 after they experienced financial difficulty while at college.

The scholarship provides $2,000 per year, renewable annually, to an applicant with a current GPA of at least 3.0, who is enrolled as a full-time student at Concordia University and pursuing his or her first undergraduate degree.

Applicants must be Canadian citizens attending school in Montreal (Quebec).

Recipients must have demonstrated financial need and intend to live on campus.

– Emerging Leaders In The Americas Program

The Emerging Leaders In The Americas (ELIA) Program, presented by PwC, is an all-expenses-paid program that brings together high school students and recent graduates from across Canada and the Caribbean who are interested in leadership development.

The program offers workshops, peer-to-peer networking opportunities and scholarships.

Applicants must be 15 to 19 years old at the time of application and have a grade point average of 70 per cent or higher to be eligible.

Two awards are offered: $500 for applicants from Atlantic Canada, Ontario or Quebec; $1,000 for applicants from British Columbia or Alberta.

Applications open on June 1 annually; the deadline is July 31; the selection process takes place from August – October.

– Browse International Scholarship Program Test (BISPT)

The BISPT was created by Burrows to give high school students more opportunities and chances to further their education.

The scholarship is open to all Canadian high school students who will be attending post-secondary institutions.

Applicants must have a minimum of 2.5 GPA, demonstrate leadership qualities and carry out at least three extracurricular activities that are related to their chosen field of study or career path.

The amount ranges from $1,000 – CAD 4,000 but varies depending on your SAT score, GPA and leadership skills.

You may also get it again! For example, if you submit a new application with different grades and extracurriculars; you still can get up to 4k per year!

– MobilitySeeker Outdoor Sports Scholarship

To win one of five $500 scholarships, students must submit a 500- to 700-word essay on how they’re making their community more environmentally friendly.

Essays should highlight community service or volunteer work with environmental groups.

This scholarship is open to Canadian high school seniors who are either living with a disability or showing outstanding commitment and participation in sports. (Deadline: February 1, 2022) .

To win one of five $500 scholarships, students must submit a 500- to 700-word essay on how they’re making their community more environmentally friendly.

Essays should highlight community service or volunteer work with environmental groups.

This scholarship is open to Canadian high school seniors who are either living with a disability or showing outstanding commitment and participation in sports. (Deadline: February 1, 2022)

– ThePensters Essay Writing Contest

ThePensters is a Canadian company that offers scholarships to high school students. Students write an essay with their ideas on how to improve education and submit it by email to apply.

The number of scholarships awarded depends on how many people submit entries and are awarded as follows: $1,000 1st place, $500 2nd place, $250 3rd place, and two $100 prizes.

To be eligible, you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who has completed grades 10-12 at the time of the contest.

You can find more information about eligibility requirements here. Good luck!

– Toptal STEM Scholarships For Women
International STEM scholarship

opportunities are competitive, but there are still great scholarships out there for high

school students with passion and talent. In addition to being quite competitive, international STEM scholarships require a tremendous amount of work, so it’s important to pick your programs wisely.

To help you make a choice that will put you one step closer to your goal of graduating with a degree in science or engineering, we’ve collected 14 scholarships specifically geared toward women.

These include awards from organizations like Cambridge University Women’s Campaign, Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship Program and others.

And yes, if you win any of these prizes—or any other scholarship opportunities—you can use them at an accredited university in Canada or anywhere else.

How to get a scholarship in Canada for international students

You don’t have to be an international student to get scholarships in Canada—and you can find plenty of them.

There are more than 1,200 scholarship providers in Canada and each school has its own set of scholarships.

That said, some of these top-tier schools offer excellent scholarship opportunities for students with different interests.

Each year hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships are awarded to high school students by colleges and universities from across North America.

You can get a scholarship at a Canadian university or college even if you aren’t a citizen or permanent resident.

If you’re interested in applying for scholarships as an international student, there are many resources available to help you along your way.

Can you apply for scholarships in Grade 11 in Canada?

No, you have to apply for scholarships in Grade 12 of high school. There are a couple of reasons why: one is that Grade 11 is usually about preparing for your next steps, including college or university.

If you start applying for scholarships now, it will take away from your focus on grades and college or university applications. The other reason is that scholarships are often merit-based.

What grades do you need to get a scholarship in Canada?

When it comes to scholarships, there are so many different ones to choose from—it can be tough deciding which one is best.

For example, if you’re studying sciences or humanities, you may qualify for scholarships that require a certain GPA or specific test scores.

If your interest lies in athletics, then scholarships may be awarded based on your athletic performance at school or club competitions.

And if you’re looking at grants and loans instead of private scholarships, your grades won’t factor into their decisions—instead, they will consider your financial need and income levels.

The bottom line is that grades aren’t everything—so don’t worry about getting perfect grades; instead, focus on doing well and finding something that truly inspires you!

As a student who wants to get scholarships, what should I do?: As with most things in life, persistence is key when it comes to scholarships.

Once you’ve found an opportunity that interests you, take some time to understand what it requires and make sure you have all of your information ready before applying.

Once you’ve submitted your application(s), remember not to give up!

Checking back periodically (like once every few months) could yield results as applications are reviewed throughout the year.

You never know until you try—and even when it seems like nothing is happening for a while (or ever), keep pushing forward!

Other Options

There are a lot of scholarships out there, but there’s one factor that can make or break your application. The essay.

It’s almost a cliché to say that it doesn’t matter what your GPA is if you don’t have a killer essay, but seriously, killer essays can really set you apart from your competition.

If you want to stand out from other students applying for scholarships in high school – specifically Canadian students – take time to think about what makes you unique and then use that as a starting point for writing about why you deserve their scholarship money.

Make sure you outline who their organization is helping with their scholarships and what your intentions are by applying.


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