Scholarships Where Everyone Gets Money


Scholarships where everyone gets money is simply talking about a fully funded Scholarship or full expense paid Scholarship. I must make it clear that if your an international student, there is nothing like all expenses paid Scholarship because they can’t do it unless you have a close relationship with the provider.

But when it is coming from Government to their citizens to study within the country, it might be possible.

So this article we would be talking about Scholarships where everyone gets money and in some of them we would be telling how much each awardee got.

Before we start we would also like to make it clear that it is a misconception that Scholarship is for some people because Scholarship is just for everyone and the sweet part of the whole story is that there is Scholarship for all race, Ethinicity and gender.

The answer to the question here is, every Scholarship give money and you should try some of the opportunities available.

Some of them offer money base on the financial status on yearly, the finance of the company will show how many persons the will be awarded on yearly too.

Some offer $12,000 while others will ask $1000 depending on their budget, some even give $500.

Why is Scholarship Given ?

Scholarship is given for so many reason but we would be analysing just the major two reasons why Scholarship is given.

One of the reason why Scholarship is given is because of the less privileged students. This people are classified as need based, this type of Scholarship is given to people whom family income can not afford basic education for their children.

This people are mostly given fully sponsored Scholarship and this opportunity goes to citizen of some state or country.

Private individuals dont give fully sponsored Scholarship especially to international students.

The second one is called Merit Scholarship, this type is given to students based on their academic performers.

So you can be given Scholarship based on any of the two reasons given above.

Impact of Scholarship on Students

Scholarships that covers the educational fees of the awardee and equally give the person some other gifts is a worth impacting.

There are so many ways in which Scholarship have impacted on the life of many persons.

The most obvious impact of Scholarship is that it makes college or University affordable. For those that the providers did not give the complete money, it will be easier for them to raise little than all.

It also contribute to the success of any student in school  because with the monetary aspect of education waved out, the student will have no other choice than to concentrate and make the provider and family proud.

Is it fair to Award Scholarship Base on Grade

For merit Scholarship, yes it is very much fair to award Scholarship base on grade. If you have a low grade, you dont expect the Scholarship to come to you when there is someone who performed better than you.

Can Scholarship Be Taken Away?

Yes, Scholarship can be taken away if you fall short of their rules. Some Scholarship will expect you to get a particular grade at the period you were given the Scholarship, failure to do that will lead to them taking away the Scholarship.

Secondaly, if by mistake, there was a misrepresentation during your application, it can equally be taken away.


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