100 semi skilled jobs in USA with visa sponsorship


Here are 100 semi skilled jobs in USA with visa sponsorship that offer a chance to live and work in the United States. 

From carpentry, to tax accounting, all the way through to interior design – there’s something here to get your creative juices flowing. 

To be eligible for a work visa through one of these semi skilled jobs , your employer must prove that there are no qualified U.S. citizens available to fill a job opening. 

This is why many companies prefer foreign workers; they can easily sponsor visas, so they don’t have to deal with language barriers or other issues that might arise when hiring someone from another country.

semi skilled jobs in USA with visa sponsorship

When applying for your first semi-skilled job in USA with visa sponsorship, don’t forget to include your resume and cover letter. 

These documents highlight your skills and experiences so employers can see how you might fit into their business operations.

Unskilled labor jobs – In general, unskilled labor refers to manual or basic labor that does not require much training or education. 

This type of work can include cleaning, washing dishes, driving trucks and other vehicles, etc.

With so many different job opportunities available to foreigners, there’s no reason not to try and find work abroad. 

Plus, finding an overseas semi-skilled job allows you the chance to live in another country for an extended period of time. 

It will help you improve your language skills and give you a greater understanding of life outside of your own culture or community.

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What are Semi Skilled Jobs?

Semi-skilled workers are individuals who have completed some education beyond high school but do not have a college degree. 

These workers typically work on production lines, as construction laborers or as service technicians who perform routine tasks under close supervision of more experienced employees.

Check out the list of 100 semi skilled jobs for foreigners and U.S.-based companies that hire foreign workers in 2022 and start your next adventure from there. 

Here are some common semi skilled jobs that require no prior experience: 

1. Accounting

Accountants make sure businesses have their financials in order. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects accounting jobs will grow 12 percent by 2022, which is much faster than average. 

Because entry-level positions are hard to come by, with few exceptions (you might get a job through an industry association or via family connections), you’ll likely need a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance to land your first semi-skilled job in USA with visa sponsorship.

Each year, thousands of Americans leave home to work overseas. To find a job, you’ll need to know where to look and how to apply. 

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2. Busboy: 

A busboy cleans tables after patrons finish their meals. 

Although some restaurants may offer paid training, it’s not uncommon for entry-level candidates to start as unpaid interns or volunteers while they gain experience. 

If you’re interested in food service, working as a busboy is an excellent way to get hands-on experience and learn about what it takes to run a restaurant.  

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3. Bartender: 

A bartender mixes drinks and serves them directly to customers. 

Although most bartenders work full time, some may work part time at neighborhood pubs or cocktail lounges that cater to after-work crowds. 

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4. Construction:

If you enjoy building things, working as a construction worker could be a good semi skilled job. Construction workers build and maintain roads, bridges, buildings and other structures. 

Although some companies may offer paid training, it’s not uncommon for entry-level candidates to start as unpaid interns or volunteers while they gain experience. 

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5. Teller: 

A teller is an employee who works at a bank or credit union to help customers conduct financial transactions like depositing checks and withdrawing cash from their accounts. 

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6. Truck Driver  

Although some companies may offer paid training, it’s not uncommon for entry-level candidates to start as unpaid interns or volunteers while they gain experience. 

Truck drivers transport cargo from one location to another by driving long distances on highways, city streets and rural roads. 

Some semi skilled truck driver jobs are seasonal, but others are year-round positions that require employees to work nights, weekends and holidays as needed. 

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7. Cleaner:  

A cleaner cleans a variety of spaces such as offices, hotels and schools. Cleaners perform basic cleaning tasks like vacuuming carpets, dusting furniture and emptying trash cans. 

The majority of cleaners have a high school diploma or equivalent (such as a GED) and on-the-job training through an apprenticeship program or other formalized learning program at their employer’s facility. 

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Other Semi skilled jobs examples in New York, NY

In order to get hired for semi skilled jobs, you’ll need to apply directly to employers who are hiring foreign workers. 

Although there are many overseas job agencies that promise to help you find work, they’re not always reliable sources of information, so be sure to do your research before signing up for one.

Not all jobs that advertise themselves as semi-skilled pay enough to support a person on their own. 

Make sure you know what you’ll be paid before accepting any offer, and don’t work for less than minimum wage. 

If you can find semi-skilled jobs where you won’t have to share an apartment or house with other people, that will also help keep your living expenses down.

8. Customer Service: 

If you have a positive attitude and enjoy interacting with people, customer service might be a good option for you. 

Many companies hire workers for semi-skilled customer service positions because of their friendly and helpful demeanor. 

You’ll usually need to pass an exam or interview before being hired, but if you’re fluent in English, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find work. 

Customer service jobs typically pay minimum wage or slightly above it, depending on your experience level. 

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9. Writer: 

Writer is one of those professions that requires very little formal education. In fact, many semi-skilled writer jobs don’t require any kind of degree at all. 

However, even though you can get started as a writer without much training, it’s important to keep learning and improving your skills over time. 

Even if you don’t start out making six figures right away, working as a writer can lead to other more lucrative opportunities down the road. 

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10. Manufacturing: 

As a semi-skilled worker, you’ll be given a specific job to do and won’t need to worry about much else. 

For example, if you’re hired for a manufacturing job, you’ll be asked to perform tasks like operating machinery or assembling parts and products. 

Although manufacturing jobs don’t usually require any formal education, it’s important that you have some knowledge of machinery and how it works before applying for work. 

You may also need to know how to read blueprints or other technical documents.

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11. Electronics technicians: 

If you’re interested in electronics, you can find semi-skilled technician jobs that will let you use your skills to help create new products. 

You’ll need to have a strong understanding of electronics and how they work before applying for these positions, but if you’re up for a challenge, it could be a good opportunity. 

As long as you’ve got some basic computer knowledge and are willing to learn new things, there are lots of semi-skilled jobs available. 

Although many employers look for workers who already have some experience under their belts, there are still plenty of opportunities available even if you don’t meet those requirements. 

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12. Brick masons: 

Although brick masonry isn’t usually considered a semi-skilled job, it can be classified as one if you’re not yet an expert. 

When you’re just starting out, you’ll be learning from more experienced workers and performing tasks like cleaning up debris or hauling bricks to where they need to go. 

However, as you gain experience and expertise, your responsibilities will increase and you’ll eventually be able to take on more challenging projects.

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13. Clerical and secretarial support workers: 

If you’re a semi-skilled worker who’s good at typing, filing paperwork, or answering phones, you can find clerical and secretarial support positions that will let you use your skills to help out a company. 

These types of jobs are typically entry-level positions that don’t require any kind of degree or certification. 

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14. Food service workers: 

If you’re looking for a semi-skilled job that doesn’t require much training, food service might be a good option. 

Although most restaurants and fast food joints will require you to have some kind of experience before hiring you, there are still lots of entry-level positions available if you don’t meet those requirements.

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15. Postal service carriers: 

Although many people think of postal workers as semi-skilled, they actually require a lot of training. 

However, if you’re just starting out and are looking for an entry-level position, you can find semi-skilled carrier positions that will let you learn on the job. 

As long as you’re willing to work hard and learn new things, there are lots of opportunities available for semi-skilled workers.

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16. Mail sorters:

Sorting mail is one of those semi-skilled jobs that doesn’t require much training. In fact, most companies will hire you if you’re able to read and write English and have a basic understanding of computers. 

However, even though sorting mail isn’t usually considered a semi-skilled job, it can be classified as one if you’re not yet an expert.

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Unskilled jobs examples in New Jersey, NJ

In New Jersey there are many unskilled jobs that require little to no education and training. 

An example would be a driver position. 

There are many semi-skilled labor positions in New Jersey. One such job is being a driver for companies like UPS or FedEx.

16. Driver Jobs: 

New Jersey is a state located on the East Coast of America. It has a population of 8,899,339 (as of 2013) and an average annual income of $53,936 (as of 2013).  

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In the city of Newark, NJ examples of unskilled labor jobs there include: 

17. Production workers: 

Examples of semi-skilled labor positions include production workers. 

These are typically manufacturing positions where workers must operate machinery or do repetitive tasks, but do not require a lot of technical knowledge, an example would be a production worker at a food packaging plant who must put food into boxes. 

These types of positions are many and do not require much education to get started, making them an ideal choice for those looking for unskilled labor jobs in New Jersey.

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18. Driver/sales workers: 

Another type of semi-skilled labor jobs that can be found in New Jersey is a 

Driver/Sales Worker. 

One example of a driver sales worker would be an entry level automotive sales associate.

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19. Service station attendants: 

A service station attendant is a type of semi-skilled labor jobs that can be found in New Jersey. 

This job requires little to no education or training, but is often seen as unskilled labor because of its lower paying wages. 

A service station attendant’s main responsibility is to provide customers with fuel and other vehicle services, such as cleaning windows and checking oil levels. 

In addition to pumping gas, attendants must clean windshields and check oil levels while they are filling up a car’s tank.

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20. Freight handlers: 

Another type of semi-skilled labor jobs that can be found in New Jersey is a freight handler. 

A freight handler is responsible for loading and unloading packages and cargo onto trucks, planes, or ships. 

This position requires little to no education or training. 

The majority of workers in these positions have only a high school diploma and receive on-the-job training when they are hired.

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21. Salespersons for retail stores: 

The other type of unskilled labor job is a salesperson. A salesperson works at a store and has to sell products to customers. 

This is an entry level position that does not require much education or training, but often comes with high pressure from management. 

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22. General office clerks: 

Another type of unskilled labor job is a general office clerk. 

A general office clerk is responsible for doing a variety of tasks in an office setting. 

These tasks can include filing, typing, and photocopying documents. 

This position does not require much education or training, but still requires someone who can follow instructions carefully and work well with others. 

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23. Bank teller: 

A bank teller is another example of an unskilled labor job. A bank teller is responsible for handling customer transactions at a bank. 

This position requires little to no education or training, but does require someone who can work well under pressure and handle money properly. 

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List of Semi skilled labor jobs in Boston, MA

24: IT & Computer Programming:

With Boston’s strong technology presence, it’s no surprise that there are several semi-skilled labor jobs available here. 

Some of these positions include computer programmer, software engineer, and web developer. 

These types of careers are great for recent graduates who have a degree in a related field or for those looking to move up from an entry-level position. 

As long as you have some experience and can prove your ability to work hard, you should be able to find something suitable.

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List of Semi skilled labor jobs in Chicago, IL

25. IT & Computer Programming: 

Similar to Boston, Chicago has a large tech industry which provides plenty of semi-skilled labor job opportunities. 

A few examples include systems analyst, network administrator, and computer support specialist.

Because most tech companies require at least one year of professional experience before hiring full-time employees, many new grads may need to start out working part time while they look for more permanent positions.

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26. Medical, Healthcare & Pharmacy: 

The healthcare industry is one of Chicago’s largest employers. 

Due to its high volume of job openings and competitive salaries, it’s a great place for new grads to start their career.

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Some common semi-skilled labor jobs include phlebotomist, medical assistant, and pharmacy technician.

These positions often require only a high school diploma or GED equivalent and on-the-job training.

27. Phlebotomist: 

A phlebotomist is a medical professional who draws blood for testing and analysis.

Because there’s no way to avoid needles, phlebotomy is not considered a semi-skilled job by many employers. 

However, it’s still a great place to start your career because you can get paid while you learn on-the-job training from more experienced professionals.

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28. Medical assistant: 

A medical assistant is a licensed healthcare professional who performs administrative and clinical tasks for a doctor or other medical professional.

Some of their responsibilities include scheduling appointments, recording patient information, and performing lab tests. 

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29. Pharmacy technician: 

A pharmacy technician is a licensed healthcare professional who assists pharmacists by filling prescriptions, counting pills, and performing other administrative tasks.

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As you can see, there are plenty of semi-skilled labor job opportunities available for new grads. 

If you’re looking for something that will pay you while you learn on-the-job training, consider one of these positions.

Aside from these positions, Chicago is also home to many part-time and seasonal workers. 

A few examples include store clerks, mail carriers, and delivery drivers.

30. Store clerks: 

Working as a store clerk is one of the most common semi-skilled labor jobs for new grads. 

In fact, it’s one of those positions that doesn’t require any previous experience or education.

However, it does pay less than other semi-skilled labor positions and can be very demanding depending on where you work.

As a store clerk, you’ll have to deal with customers all day long which means dealing with difficult people and long hours.

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31. Mail carriers: 

A mail carrier is a semi-skilled labor job that involves delivering mail to residential and business addresses.

Because most companies only hire full-time employees, many new grads will need to start out as seasonal workers.

Although it’s not considered a high paying position, it can be very rewarding because you get to interact with different people every day.

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32. Delivery drivers: 

Delivery drivers are responsible for transporting goods from one location to another.

Some common delivery semi-skilled labor jobs include pizza delivery driver, taxi driver, and package delivery driver.

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33. Pizza delivery driver: 

If you’re looking for a semi-skilled labor job that will pay you while you learn on-the-job training, consider becoming a pizza delivery driver.

Although it doesn’t require any previous experience or education, it can be very demanding because you’ll have to deal with difficult customers and long hours.

However, if you like interacting with people and want to make good money without going to college, driving for a pizza chain might be a great option.

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34. Taxi driver: 

A taxi driver is a semi-skilled labor job that involves transporting passengers from one location to another.

It’s not as common as other semi-skilled labor positions, but it’s still a great option for new grads because you can make good money without going to college.

However, if you decide to become a taxi driver, you should keep in mind that there are many regulations and certifications involved.

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35. Package delivery driver:  

The number of package delivery semi-skilled labor jobs is growing as more and more people shop online. 

The good news is that there are many positions available, but they’re not always easy to find. 

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I’ve  talked about three semi-skilled labor jobs that don’t require a college degree, but there are many others you can choose from.

New aspirants will find many semi-skilled labor job opportunities within Chicago, including working as a medical assistant, pharmacy technician, and store clerk.

However, those positions can be time consuming and tiring. Thankfully, there are also many seasonal positions that pay well. 

If you’re looking for semi-skilled labor jobs in Chicago, IL, start by looking at our list of semi-skilled positions above. 

You can also try checking out more of the full lists of unskilled jobs examples and semi skilled jobs examples to get more ideas on where to look for work.

List of Semi skilled worker jobs in Los angeles, LA

36. Hospitality, Restaurants & Bars: 

The hospitality industry is a major part of Los Angeles’s economy. 

If you want to work in LA but don’t have much experience, consider a job as a waiter or waitress at one of many restaurants around town.

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In addition to serving food and drinks to customers, waiters and waitresses must also be prepared to bus tables and clean up after patrons.

Other hospitality-related positions include bartenders, hosts/hostesses and valets.

37. Bartenders: 

Working as a bartender is one of many semi-skilled positions available to job seekers who want to work in Los Angeles. 

As a bartender, you’ll be responsible for mixing drinks and serving them to customers. 

You’ll also need to keep an eye on patrons and make sure they don’t get too drunk or disorderly.

semi skilled jobs in USA with visa sponsorship

Bartenders typically earn tips, so you may not earn much money if you only work at a bar during busy hours.

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38. Hosts/hostesses: 

If you’re looking for a semi-skilled job in Los Angeles, try working as a host or hostess at one of many restaurants around town. 

These positions are ideal for those who have little experience and need to work their way up. 

As a host or hostess, you’ll be responsible for greeting patrons when they arrive and seating them appropriately. 

You may also be required to bus tables and clean up after customers

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39. Valets: 

Valet parking attendants are responsible for parking cars for restaurants, hotels and other establishments. 

They usually work at night or on weekends when business is busier. As a valet, you’ll be responsible for taking customers’ keys and driving their cars to designated parking spots. 

You may also need to park cars yourself if there aren’t enough valets available. 

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Other semi-skilled positions in Los Angeles include tour guides, food preparation workers and medical assistants.

40. Tour guides: 

If you’re looking for a semi-skilled job in Los Angeles, consider working as a tour guide. 

As a tour guide, you’ll be responsible for leading groups of tourists around town and providing them with information about local attractions. 

You may also need to help customers get on and off public transportation or operate vehicles such as boats or buses.

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41. Food preparation workers and medical assistants: 

Do you have a culinary background? 

Consider working as a food preparation worker in Los Angeles; As a food preparation worker, you’ll be responsible for preparing meals and salads. 

You may also need to keep your establishment clean and sanitary. 

This job is ideal for those who are interested in cooking and want to gain work experience before moving on to more advanced positions.

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42. Construction & Skilled Trades Jobs in Texas

Are you an unskilled worker looking for a job in Texas? Here’s a list of semi-skilled and unskilled job opportunities in Texas, including construction and skilled trades jobs.

Here is an overview of semi-skilled and unskilled positions available in Texas 

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43. Carpenters: 

A carpenter works to construct and repair buildings. Carpenters are typically hired by contractors or building owners. 

If you’re interested in a carpenter job, you should have experience with construction tools such as hammers, saws, screwdrivers, levels, tape measures, nails and chisels. 

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44. Electricians: 

An electrician works to install electrical wiring for lights, outlets and appliances.

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45. Cashier and kitchen help positions: 

Both of which require minimal skills and experience.

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Roughly half of all US workers, especially in Texas, are employed in semi-skilled or unskilled occupations. 

If you’re one of them, check out our list below for some examples you can enroll in for

Semi-skilled job examples include: retail cashiers, general office clerks, waiters/waitresses, carpenters, painters, bricklayers and machine operators. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment opportunities for semi-skilled workers will grow by 8% between 2014 and 2024.

46. Retail cashiers: 

In 2016, there were nearly 1.5 million retail cashier positions available in Texas. This was one of the most common types of unskilled and semi-skilled positions. 

If you’re interested in a retail job, you can find employment opportunities at big box stores like Target or Walmart, as well as small specialty shops and grocery stores.

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47. General office clerks: 

If you’re interested in a clerical job, there are a variety of positions available. Many of these positions require minimal training and experience. 

For example, you can find employment opportunities as general office clerks at retail stores, warehouses and other businesses. 

You may also be able to find work as a secretary or administrative assistant for a small business or company. 

As an administrative assistant, you would handle tasks such as typing memos and organizing files.

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48. Waiters/waitresses: 

If you’re interested in a food service job, you can find employment opportunities as a waiter or waitress at restaurants and bars. 

This is one of the most common types of semi-skilled and unskilled positions. 

If you’re hired for a waitstaff position, your duties may include taking orders from customers, delivering food to tables and serving drinks. 

You may also be required to set tables, take out trash and clean dishes.

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49. Painters: 

A painter is a semi-skilled worker who applies paint to walls, ceilings and other surfaces. 

If you’re interested in a painting job, you can find employment opportunities at residential and commercial businesses. 

Your duties may include sanding down walls, priming surfaces and applying layers of paint.

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50. Bricklayers: 

If you’re interested in a bricklayer job, you can find employment opportunities at residential and commercial businesses. 

Your duties may include laying bricks, mixing mortar and smoothing surfaces. 

If you have no experience as a bricklayer, but are interested in becoming one, there are a few steps you can take to get started. 

You can complete an apprenticeship program or attend trade school to learn about construction tools and techniques.

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51. Machine operators: 

This category includes workers who operate machines to make products. 

These workers often have experience working with machines and completing tasks that require manual dexterity. 

For example, you can find employment opportunities as a machine operator at factories, warehouses and other businesses. 

Your duties may include using controls to operate equipment such as assembly lines or robots. 

52. Security guards: 

Security guards protect businesses and other properties from theft, vandalism and unauthorized access. 

Security guard positions are one of the most common types of semi-skilled and unskilled positions. 

If you’re interested in a security job, you can find employment opportunities at big box stores, hotels, offices and other commercial buildings. 

Security guard duties may include patrolling property to look for suspicious activity or checking vehicles entering or leaving parking lots. 

You may also be required to check doors and windows for signs of tampering or forced entry.

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54. Baristas: 

If you’re interested in a barista job, you can find employment opportunities at coffee shops and restaurants. 

Your duties may include preparing drinks such as espresso and cappuccinos, operating cash registers and cleaning work areas. 

You may also be required to restock supplies and clean equipment. 

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55. Bakers: 

A baker is a semi-skilled worker who uses ingredients such as flour, sugar and eggs to make pastries, cakes and other baked goods. 

If you’re interested in a baking job, you can find employment opportunities at bakeries and grocery stores. 

Your duties may include measuring ingredients, operating ovens and cleaning work areas.

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Agricultural & farming occupations in Delaware

Agricultural and farming occupations offer opportunities for semi-skilled workers to earn decent wages in Delaware.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers earned $24.6 per hour or more as of May 2016 in Delaware. 

In general, those working in animal production earned far less than those working in other agricultural fields. 

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56. Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers: 

They  earn a mean annual wage of $84,020 in Delaware. 

Those employed by nurseries and garden centers reported slightly lower earnings at an average of $80,740 per year. 

Both mean salaries were higher than national averages across all industries at approximately $70,470 annually. Other semi-skilled farm workers typically make between $20,000 and $30,000 annually.

These are among many other semi-skilled farming jobs, including greenhouse workers and soil and plant scientists. 

But how do you know if these occupations might be a good fit for you? Keep reading to learn more about working as a semi-skilled agricultural worker. 

57. Animal production workers:  

These earn little compared to most semi-skilled jobs in Delaware’s agriculture industry. 

Farmworkers earned an average of $19,230 annually from May 2015 through May 2016, according to BLS estimates. 

The lowest 10 percent of those employed by animal production reported annual wages of less than $12,560 per year while top earners made over $42,250 or more each year during that time period. 

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These semi-skilled positions require little formal education and training. 

In fact, many agricultural occupations don’t even require a high school diploma, though it can be helpful for employees who want to advance their careers within farming and ranching fields. 

Those who want to work as animal producers may need some experience raising animals prior to entering these fields. 

This type of work is physically demanding and often involves working outdoors in all types of weather conditions on farms located throughout Delaware’s counties. 

There are many opportunities for semi-skilled workers looking for farming jobs in Delaware. 

In addition to agriculture managers, those employed by nurseries and garden centers earned an average annual wage of $80,740 during May 2015 through May 2016, according to BLS data. 

58. Soil and plant scientists: 

Those employed by federal government agencies reported higher earnings at a mean salary of approximately $89,300 per year during that time period.

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Arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations in Carlifonia

Arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations in California comprise a large percentage of all semi-skilled job occupations. 

There are plenty of such occupations which together account for 1% of semi-skilled job workers. 

These semi-skilled occupations include: 

Actors and directors – Writers and authors 

Dancers – Fine artists, entertainers, athletes, coaches, and related workers 

These semi-skilled jobs require specific training or expertise in order to fully develop their skill set.

In many cases these skill sets can be developed through on-the-job training programs or specialized apprenticeships.

59. Actors and directors: 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that there are approximately 73,000 actors and directors employed in Carlifonia. 

The BLS also states that most of these workers are self-employed, as opposed to being employed by a company or organization. 

Actors and directors work primarily for performing arts companies, film production companies, or broadcast networks. 

These workers must have extensive training or experience before they can be hired for any position within their field.

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60. Writers and authors: 

The BLS states that there are approximately 23,000 writers and authors employed in Carlifonia. 

These workers are primarily employed by newspapers, magazines, book publishers, or online publishing companies. 

The BLS notes that most writers work part-time while they pursue other writing opportunities.

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61. Dancers: 

The BLS states that there are approximately 5,000 dancers employed in Carlifonia. 

These workers perform at dance studios, nightclubs, or other entertainment venues. 

Most dancers work part-time while they pursue more stable employment opportunities within their field.

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62. Fine artists: 

There are approximately 4,000 fine artists employed in Carlifonia. These workers create paintings, sculptures, or other forms of visual art. 

The BLS notes that these workers must have extensive training before they can be hired for any position within their field. 

However, many fine artists work part-time while they pursue other opportunities within their field.

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63. Professional athletes: 

Sports are a huge part of American culture, and Carlifonia is no exception. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are approximately 3,000 professional athletes employed in Carlifonia. 

These workers make their living by playing for one of more than 200 professional sports teams located throughout Carlifonia. 

Aspiring professional athletes must be at least 18 years old before they can sign a contract with any team or organization within their field.

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64. Entertainers: 

There are many different occupations within these categories. These workers must have extensive training or experience before they can be hired for any position within their field. 

Some workers are self-employed, while others work for entertainment companies or sports teams. 

Many of these workers perform at nightclubs, performing arts centers, or other entertainment venues. 

This means that these workers must have a flexible schedule and may need to travel frequently between locations where they will be performing.

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65. Coaches: 

There are approximately 10,000 coaches employed in Carlifonia. 

These workers train athletes and teams at local high schools or colleges. 

Most coaches work part-time while they pursue other opportunities within their field.

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66. Non-management occupations in fire fighting and prevention: 

There are approximately 20,000 non-management occupations in fire fighting and prevention employed in Carlifonia. 

These workers work primarily for state or local governments to ensure that homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, and other buildings are safe from fires. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that fine artists must have training or an apprenticeship in their field before they can be hired by any organization within their field. 

Many fine artists start out as assistants to more established painters, sculptors, and other visual artists. 

Once they’ve mastered their skills, many find success with their own solo exhibitions at art galleries across California or even international exhibitions abroad.

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The Top 10 Construction Occupations in Mississippi

Construction jobs are among the most common in Mississippi. Some of the most well-known construction jobs in Mississippi include carpenters, welders, electricians, sheet metal workers, plumbers and pipefitters, among others. 

These professions rank among the top 10 most common construction occupations in Mississippi according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). 

These 10 different construction occupations currently account for more than 10% of the total number of construction jobs in the state of Mississippi.

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67. Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers

Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers account for nearly one in five construction jobs in Mississippi. 

In addition to driving trucks that carry materials on and off site, these workers may perform related tasks such as loading and unloading materials, delivering parts or supplies to work sites, and maintaining vehicles.

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68. Electrical Power-Line Installers and Repairers

Mississippi has approximately 5,760 electrical power-line installers and repairers. 

Electrical power-line installers and repairers help construct, maintain and repair high voltage transmission lines as well as substations that transmit electricity to businesses, residents and communities. 

This occupation is expected to grow by 23 percent by 2024. 

Average wages in Mississippi for electrical power-line installers and repairers are $42,670 per year.

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69. Construction Laborers

It’s no surprise that Mississippi employs a lot of construction laborers. What is surprising, however, is how many people are employed in construction throughout the state. 

This trade employs 2/3 of a million people in Mississippi alone and almost four times as many nationwide.

The top 3 occupations for construction laborer in Mississippi are highway and street repair workers, maintenance and repair workers, and non-construction building operation employees.

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70. Brickmasons, Blockmasons, Stonemasons, and Tile and Marble Setters

In Mississippi, construction occupations that require more expertise such as brickmasons, blockmasons, stonemasons, and tile and marble setters have an annual mean wage above $30.00 per hour. 

The occupation with one of the highest annual mean wages in Mississippi is petroleum engineers ($125.00), but there are only 20 such positions in all of Mississippi each year.

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71. First-Line Supervisors of Production and Operating Workers

These occupations were selected based on 2012 employment projections, 2012-2016 growth and median 2011 wages. 

These salary figures do not factor in overtime pay, bonuses or profit sharing. 

First-line supervisors of production and operating workers In Mississippi, there are 8,030 first-line supervisors of production and operating workers in industries like manufacturing, construction and mining.

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72. Air Conditioning Mechanics

Air conditioning mechanics keep buildings comfortable in southern Mississippi. Because of humidity, construction projects require their own dedicated air conditioning system. 

These workers install, maintain and repair HVAC units that regulate indoor temperature and humidity. 

When installing new systems, they take into account space constraints to maximize energy efficiency for businesses and homes alike. 

They also offer maintenance services for both commercial clients and residential homeowners.

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73. Carpenters

It’s no secret that construction is one of Mississippi’s biggest industries, and carpentry jobs are growing right along with it. 

According to data from Occupational Employment Statistics (OES), carpentry jobs were expected to grow 2 percent between 2014 and 2024 in Mississippi, compared to a national average of 8 percent. 

Mississippi had 8,530 carpenters employed in 2014 and is projected to add an additional 1,260 positions by 2024.

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74. Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters

If you have your heart set on working in Mississippi, you’ll probably find yourself in one of these three construction occupations. 

Occupations like plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters are generally easier to start a career in because there is less education or experience required compared to other jobs. 

Mississippi has plenty of opportunities for those who dream of beginning their career as a plumber or pipefitter.

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75.  Millwrights

The top paid construction occupations in Mississippi are Millwrights and Boilermakers. Jobs in these industries pay an average of $31,980 per year.

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76. Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers design, develop, test and supervise the construction of electrical equipment, including integrated circuits, transmission systems and power generators. 

Electrical engineers in Mississippi earned an average salary of $91,280 in 2015. Electrical engineers may advance to become electrical engineering managers.

10 Installation, maintenance, and repair occupations in Oklahoma

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Oklahoma was home to over 31,000 installation, maintenance, and repair workers in 2012. 

Over half of these workers were employed in the construction industry, while the remainder worked in transportation equipment manufacturing, local government, and various other fields. 

This list identifies 10 of the most common jobs held by installation, maintenance, and repair workers in Oklahoma.

77.  Motor vehicle electronic equipment installers and repairers:

Oklahoma is one of 8 states with at least 1,000 persons employed in installation, maintenance, and repair occupations. 

The most common occupation in Oklahoma is motor vehicle electronic equipment installers and repairers.

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78. Elevator installers and repairers

Elevator installers and repairers in Oklahoma earn a median annual wage of $45,010, which is above average for all installation, maintenance, and repair occupations.

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79. Security systems installers

Security systems installers are responsible for planning, installing, and maintaining security equipment such as surveillance cameras and access control systems.

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80 Automotive body and related repairers

Automotive body and related repairers repair, replace, and install parts of cars, trucks, and other vehicles. They also paint vehicles.

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81.  Electrical power-line installers and repairers

The number of electrical power-line installers and repairers in Oklahoma is projected to decline by 1 percent from 2010 to 2024. 

The trend in job opportunities is expected to be stable, but competition will be keen because many workers are attracted to these occupations.

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82. Construction laborers

Construction laborers are one of many installation, maintenance, and repair occupations in Oklahoma. According to data from 2008-2012, there were 3,600 installation, maintenance, and repair workers in Oklahoma that were employed by a construction company or construction contractors.

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83. First-line supervisors of construction trades workers

Construction supervisors oversee and coordinate workers, such as carpenters, electricians, and plumbers, who are installing or repairing buildings or other structures.

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84 Glaziers

Glaziers install glass and acrylic in windows, skylights, shower doors, and store fronts. They also repair or replace broken window glass, mirrors, and other products that have a transparent surface.

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85. Boilermakers

Boilermakers construct, install, and repair boilers, which provide heat for a variety of industries. Boilermakers fabricate, assemble, erect, install, dismantle, and repair boilers using hand tools and power tools.

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86. Heating, air conditioning, refrigeration mechanics and installers

In Oklahoma, more than 5,000 people work in installation, maintenance and repair occupations, with opportunities especially strong in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics and installers. 

In Oklahoma, median annual wages for these workers were $38,040 in 2014.

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The 10 Best Production Occupations in Philadelphia

What are the best production occupations in Philadelphia? That’s a tough question to answer, because it depends on what your definition of best is. 

The top-paying jobs might not be the most fulfilling, and you may want to consider other important factors such as training required, industry outlook and job satisfaction before deciding on your career path. 

However, if you’re looking for work that requires minimal training, offers competitive salaries and has an upbeat employment outlook, these 10 production occupations in Philadelphia might be right up your alley.

87. Assistant director

Production occupations need a mix of creative skill, business acumen and management ability. 

Production assistants work in film and television production companies to help with pre-production, production and post-production activities.

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88. Film editor

Philadelphia’s film industry is on the rise, but not all roles require a degree in film studies. For example, video editor jobs are in high demand especially in recent years.

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89. Public relations manager

PR managers in Philadelphia earn approximately $67,000 a year on average. Public relations managers help companies establish their public image and generate positive awareness of their brand or product.

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90. Camera operator

Camera operator is a great occupation to start in if you’re looking for something related to film production but don’t have any experience. 

Generally, employers prefer candidates with degrees in cinematography or TV/radio broadcasting. In addition to your camera operator job duties, you’ll also be responsible for filming and directing talent during productions and overseeing lighting crews.

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92. First assistant director

A first assistant director is a key member of a film production crew. 

They are in charge of scheduling and keeping track of production details.

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93. Producers

Production occupations are a diverse set of careers involving manufacturing and distributing goods or services. 

Producers in Philadelphia can work on anything from clothing to news stories, handling every step of a product’s creation.

94. Journalists, reporters, and correspondents

Production occupations in Philadelphia are characterized by high employment, higher wages, and increased opportunities in comparison to other cities. 

Common jobs in Philadelphia include journalists, reporters, and correspondents as well as advertising sales agents.

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95. Private detectives and investigators

There were 2,700 private detectives and investigators employed in Philadelphia as of 2015. 

Detective agencies in Philadelphia may also be involved in fraudulent schemes and other financial crimes or white-collar crime.

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96. Personal financial advisors (PFAs)

Personal financial advisors can earn a mean annual wage of $102,000 in Philadelphia. This is one of several fields that are projected to grow substantially over the next decade.

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97. Real estate brokers

Real estate brokers are also a driving force behind Philadelphia’s vibrant economy. In fact, Philadelphia consistently ranks as one of America’s best cities in which to do business, thanks in large part to its pro-business environment and skilled workforce.

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The Top 3 Transportation & Material Moving Occupations in Georgia

When thinking about Georgia, transportation, and material moving occupations may not come to mind immediately. 

However, there are actually several transportation and material moving occupations in Georgia that pay well above the national average salary and have opportunities available across the state. 

These 3 transportation & material moving occupations in Georgia pay well and have opportunities available throughout the state, but which one will be best suited to you? Continue reading to find out more.

98. Truck drivers

It’s a pretty safe bet that no matter where you live in Georgia, there’s a truck driver driving past your house every day.

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99. Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers

There were 82,200 heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers in Georgia. This number equates to 3% of all jobs in Georgia. This occupation ranks third out of three within Transportation & material moving occupations in Georgia.

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100 Industrial truck and tractor operators

Industrial truck and tractor operators can make anywhere from $30,000 to $70,000 per year in Georgia. 

Industrial truck and tractor operators are responsible for operating a motor vehicle to deliver or transport materials within a facility or similar setting.

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semi skilled jobs in USA with visa sponsorship

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Semi-Skilled Job in the USA With Visa Sponsorship

Semi-skilled workers are defined as workers who are not highly skilled but work in occupations that require more than the ordinary degree of skill and training and less than that of a professional worker. 

Semi-skilled jobs generally do not require more than four years of education, on-the-job training, or both; some examples of semi-skilled occupations include carpenters, electricians, plumbers, general maintenance workers, and so on. 

If you are planning to relocate to the United States, you may be interested in staying for an extended period of time, maybe even permanently. 

Before choosing this option, however, it’s important to ensure that your visa status allows you to work in the United States, which may require some research on your part. 

Some visas allow skilled workers from other countries to work in the U.S., but there are many others that do not; if this applies to you, you may want to consider a semi-skilled job sponsorship instead.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding semi-skilled jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship…

What are semi-skilled jobs?

Semi-skilled jobs are those that require the ability to do a simple task over and over again, but don’t call for any real creativity or problem-solving skills. 

Common jobs for semi-skilled workers include things like assemblers, packers, movers, plumbers, electricians and groundskeepers. The good news is that semi-skilled jobs in the USA are plentiful and easy to find. 

In fact, by simply walking around town you can probably get a job at a restaurant or hotel.

What do you need to qualify for semi-skilled jobs?

For those applying for work visas, the first step to getting a job in the USA is to figure out whether you qualify. 

While there’s a range of industries hiring semi-skilled workers, not all companies will offer sponsorship. 

Visa sponsorship means that you work for an employer that is willing to apply for and pay for your H-1B visa, which gives you permission to be in the USA to do skilled or semi-skilled work.

How do you get an H1B Visa?

If you want to work on an H1B visa, your employer will have to sponsor you. First they’ll need to apply for an H1B visa stamp number, then they can submit their petition on your behalf. 

What is an H1B Visa? 

An H1B visa is a non-immigrant U.S. visa that allows foreign workers to fill positions requiring specialized knowledge and skills not found among the existing U.S. 

The best part about working on an H1B visa is that it has no annual limit; if you’re hired for a semi-skilled job, there are no restrictions as to how long you can stay or how many times you can renew your status. 

There are three main ways of getting one: being sponsored by an employer with a qualifying position, transferring from another qualifying non-immigrant status or having certain family members who are U.S.

How much does it cost?

That depends on the employer. Visa sponsorship varies from free to $1,000 or more, and in many cases employers will waive the fee if you can show that you have a source of income to support yourself while in the US (generally, at least three months’ worth). 

Be prepared to pay for your own medical insurance as well. Companies that specialize in semi-skilled worker visas include Adecco and Manpower. 

A job offer is usually made contingent upon passing background checks and obtaining a visa, so don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to completing these steps before accepting an offer. 

The most common type of visa issued for employment purposes is H-2B, which allows foreign workers to stay in the U.S.

Is it worth it?

Getting a visa sponsorship will usually require you to work in the US for at least two years. 

For people interested in a long-term commitment, the payoff can be huge especially since you’ll likely be able to find jobs with health insurance benefits and good pay. 

Semi-skilled positions pay between $45,000 and $85,000 annually. 

In terms of resume building, getting a visa sponsorship is often considered equivalent to an Ivy League degree.

Are There Any Restrictions on Jobs I Can Apply For?

Yes, you’re only eligible to apply for a semi-skilled job if you have a bachelor’s degree or two years of experience. If you’re not sure what counts as a semi-skilled job, look at the full list of occupations on the O*Net website . Even then, it can be difficult to tell which jobs require a bachelor’s degree and which don’t.

Where Do I Find These Jobs?

Finding a job in the US for skilled workers isn’t easy—but finding one for semi-skilled workers is even more difficult. On top of that, if you have to get a visa to be able to take the job (which most employers require), the process becomes even more complicated.

Do I Need a College Degree to Get One of These Jobs?

No. In fact, many jobs do not require a degree. If you’re good at sales, great with numbers, or have a super-fast typing skill and some basic computer knowledge, you may be in luck. Many companies are more interested in your skills and past experience than the college degree that’s hanging on your wall (and if you really want to show off how smart you are after getting hired, take the initiative to get a degree through an online school).


Now that you know everything to know about getting a semi-skilled job in the USA with visa sponsorship, the only thing left to do is start planning. That’s the most important piece of advice I can give you, after all. Start looking into jobs that fit your skill set and country of origin, start researching companies in your field, study up on company culture and try to plan out how to apply as early as possible. Visa sponsorships take months even years so get going now. Good Luck.


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