Top 20 Countries In Europe With Visa Work Sponsorship


Let’s talk about Top 20 Countries In Europe With Visa Work Sponsorship

Living and work outside your country can be so profounding and interesting because it helps you know more about yourself and the world.

To be tagged a global citizen opens to so many opportunities especially in your own country.

Sometimes getting Visa to work abroad can be very hectic and that is the reason why some persons search for easy countries to get work Visa.

Getting Work Visa means your going to a particular country for a job or contract which equally means after your work is done, your Visa will expire.

Working abroad can help you define and modify a lot especially modifying your financial status.

Europe is one of those places where you can get your dream job and do most of the things you wish to.

Everything is in Europe, protection, jobs, Scholarships and even education. The level up of things in Europe is unbeatable.

That’s why in this article we have decided to address the issue of which country in Europe can give you a Visa SPONSORSHIP job.

Truth be told, all the countries can do but not all is willing to give you job and still handle your Visa down to the place.

To get a work Visa to work in any of the countries I will be mentioning here, you need to get a job first and try to get the company to sponsor your Visa and it expires when you leave the company.

Without further waste of time, here are the Top 20 Countries In Europe With Visa Work Sponsorship.

1. Netherlands

This stands to be one of the countries you can go to when it comes to adventure and exposure. Europe is blessed with a country like Netherlands where the cost of living is just as low and 950$ per month and the average salary of a worker in Netherlands is $3050 per month, so what do you have to lose. Spending just 950$ on monthly out of 3000, that means you will still have atleast $2100 to save and spend for other things you need to do.

Netherlands is one of the countries where you can easily get a job and be paid for it in a sweet way. They don’t only give you job, they also get your work Visa for you, so no stress on your own side.

Your work Visa duration depends on the company that employed you.

Have it in mind that dutch is the official language in Netherlands and English speakers have job for themselves. To get insights about jobs in Netherlands, you can check , filter the available jobs and you will be surprised at the available jobs.

Most of the important personalities in the country try practically have masters degree so your chances age very much high.

If your ready for Netherlands, you should equally be ready to learn their language for two weeks.

2. New Zealand

Ranking number 9 on the global economy happiness Index, New Zealand is one of the most peaceful country in Europe and the world.

Having a cost of living ranging from $800- $927 per month while and average salsry eaber makes up to $3323 In a month, so you still have nothing to lose.

In a country where they is always need for man power and their focus on human capital development that helped the country build every individual in the country to becoming hard working and earning a large income.

New Zealand might be the adventure tour for you, from farming to machine operators, have both short term and seasonal working seasons.

If you get so lucky to get a job in New Zealand, especially when your coming from Africa, you can be rest assured of your work Visa.

Aside this, one thing you should know about New Zealand is the no language barrier rule, for the fact you dont speak their language doesn’t mean you will be mistreated, the kiwi speakers are friendly, so working and living in New Zealand is great deal for you.

Most of the cities in new Zealand deal more on agriculture, so if your looking forward to save some money and still keep up with the cost of living, the going to places like Auckland, Queenstown and Willington will be the good option.

The small Island country tries it’s best to give its citizens the best thing they best life while trying to reduce their cost of living.

3. South Korea

South Korea was not a good place to recommend to visit but recently it have gained a lot of popularity unlike North Korea where not everybody can enter.

South Korea is known for the rapid growth in the economy and international cuisines. It have been ranked as one of the best places to work if you want to work and live abroad.

Standing as the best place to be a teacher, international workers are always welcomed to teach English in south Korea.

To be a teacher in South Korea is like working in a government office because they wish to be ranked in the world when it comes to educational development.

Whether employed by the government or private institutions, English teachers will be paid heavily. The monthly cost of living in South Korea is approximately 962$ per month is is deemed high, so if you want to survive and still save, you should look for jobs like Teaching English and cooking.

To get work Visa in South Korea is very easy, all you need to do is to become and English teacher under Korea E-2 Visa.

If you teaching is not what you want, South Korea also made provision for people outside Korea to come and stay for 6 months while looking for job.

So for that six months, expected to get a new job and kick start your career and earn more money working.

To apply to work in south Korea as an English teacher you can pay directly through this link.

After application, itself up to the country to accept you or reject.

4. Australia

All thanks to high minimum wage, expert in this country can live very comfortable and not minding the high cost of living.

Australia have been ranked number 10 in the global economy happiness index and being one of the best when it comes to educational activities and development, having most of the universities in the world top ten best schools according to Qs world University ranking.

When it comes to work life, Australia have been able to provide alot of job opportunities for the citizens and others living in the area, with this you will be able to balance your work time and free time.

The cost of living in Australia for a month is approximately 996$ per month which is close to 1000$, that’s one of the highest I have seen.

Then the real question is, how does the people who live there survive this and how is it possible that is also very easy to get work Visa.

For you to work in Australia or possibly get a job over there, you will have to more likely the same thing people going to New Zealand will do.

Their process of obtaining a work Visa is very much identical. They allow people or foreigner to come into the country and stay for 12 months, this is because they believe within period you might have found some thing and be doing.

The high minimum wage paid in Australia is what still drag people to the country and its helping them grow on daily.

In Australia you have organisation like WWOOF, the work of this organisation is to help you get connected with a work host who will offer you accommodation and meals in exchange for you to work for 36 hours per week for them.

5. Germany

Based on statistics, we have seen how successful Germany is when it comes to quality education.

They have always been in the list for some top country in Europe for literally everything good, being one of the countries that don’t really give space for war and that makes it very peaceful.

Germany have a good minimum wage for the workers and some how cheaper than Australia.

The cost of living In Germany is 885$ per montha the workers have the average salary of $2,908 per month.

The happiness index of Germany is 12 and still trying to reach top ten.

To get Visa in Germany is some what easy, student who study in Germany can get work within two months of their graduation.

Getting a work Visa in Germany might be challenging but the best way  to get this done is to get the job before applying for the Visa.

The work Visa in Germany is meant to last for 12 months and you can renew it if your not done with your work with confirmation from the company you work.

The best way to get the job of your dream in Germany is to learn how to speak German, with this you are sure of getting one job and activate your work Visa.

6. Denmark

In as getting a work Visa in Denmark is achievable, the high level of living is very much unbeatable.

If you dont have a good job, you can’t live in Denmark because the cost of living there in a month is exactly $1,044 but the average salary is about $3,000 which might not likely be enough for persons that receives low income.

Well if your able to find a paying job in Denmark the next thing you need to do is to apply for work Visa.

Applying for Visa in Denmark is in two ways, the first, you have to apply for residence permit either as a PhD, this is if your working or applying for job in any institution.

Secondly you can apply to work as a trainee, this way you will be given permit to learn a particular skill and lastly permit is given to those that already have a job.

7. Sweden

Sweden is one of the country that is not just known for granting Visa but giving students the best comfort they can ever get anywhere.

Visa in Sweden is one you might not find easy as a worker but the very best way to get this done is by going applying as a student.

Students are easily given Visa in Sweden. The cost of living in this sweet country is some  what low, you like with $500 per month and earn at least $2500 in a month as an average salary earner.

8. Belarus

The neighbours of Russia and Ukraine, Belarus is one of the countries that can easily grant you a work Visa, this is because they are small and well developed.

Tapping some oil from Russia, Belarus have been able to work on human capital development thereby keeping the needs of the citizens ahead of other needs

This have helped them create alot of job opportunities in this countries. Alot of industries have been built, this industries create atleast 1000 jobs in a year.

Record has it that Belarus have one of the lowest unemployment rate in the world.

To Get work Visa to Belarus, you will need to get a job first and request the company help you get the Visa and it last for the months and years the company agreed with you.

9. Ireland

Holiday work time in Ireland is the best you can ever thing of. In Ireland there is no age restriction to job opportunities anybody get a job both in Ireland and outside Ireland.

The cost of living in ireland is about $800 and an average salary earner in this beautiful country earns not less than $3000 on monthly. With will be wise to say that the cost of living is some how not that favourable but the minimum wage workers receive is helping the country keep things on track.

The easiest Visa to get is a holiday Visa or you need to be a student or good qualification for you to be eligible to work or be given a Visa to Ireland.

10. Estonia

This is the easiest place to get Visa in the whole of Europe. In this country they allow you to stay one year as a tourist while you work remotely.

For you to be given a Visa in Estonia you have to have already secured a job in the country because you will need to prove to them that you have been employed by any company.

Secondly, for you to speedily get a job here, you have to be technological advance because most of their works are all tech related. So be prepared and be good in English too.

11. Norway and Salvbad

Norway can grant Visa for you if your going to be working in Salvbad. Salvbad is an independent territory in Norway. The reason why this is on the list is because you do not even need a Visa to enter salvbad. If your in Norway, it is a free entrance.

The cost of living is not high, so an ordinary man can survive and still live comfortably.

12. Monac

This is one country that we barely hear their name, sometimes people think this country doesn’t not even exist.

Over the years monac have been able to build themselves in both human development and economy.

Monac makes sure every work Visa its gives is legal and no body is entering the country illegally.

13. Hungary

Hungary is one of the most peaceful countries in the whole of Europe with large or growing economy.

This country have presented herself to be an accommodating place for anybody around the world, not just accommodating but also offering work to most of the persons that come into the country.

With low cost of living, it have proven to be a where you can hustle and get paid what you deserve.

It offers one year Visa to work but if it’s coming from the company that employed you then your safe.

14. Switzerland

The world have seen how Switzerland have migrated from poor economy to a very large and good economy.

It created industries that have created job opportunities for people in and outside Switzerland.

Their way of accepting job proposals is based on how skillful you are in the field you applied, if you proof to be good, they will retain you.

If you want to get a sponsored work Visa, then you will have to speak with your said company, that is the easiest way to get your work Visa without stress.

15. Greece

Greece is one country you can easily get Job as long as you can cook. For some time they have also been investing in the agriculture, so if you have a little know about it then your Visa will be easily granted and you dont need to stress yourself write application.

One of ge jobs that pays more in Greece again is teaching. If your teacher in Greece, then the high cost I living over there will never be a problem for you.

Greece need a lot of persons who are good in English to be teachers but high school and  universities.

16. Finland

Finland is one of the countries that cam easily give you Visa, it is the only country in Europe that accept up to 97% of Visa applicants without much stress.

As a developing country, they need a lot of man power to help them move forward.

17. Latvia

This country is bordered by Estonia and Lithuania which means if you can get Visa to any of the border countries, you can get to Latvia.

This is also one of the countries that can easily give you Visa because they need a lot of the man power to push their economy, so they intend to employ a lot of persons to help the move the companies.

The cost of living is almost same with Estonia which is the lowest in this list.

18. Iceland

In the whole of Europe, Iceland ranked number two on the countries that accept the most applicants for work Visa which is very nice for international workers.

Working in a country with high minimum wage and low cost of living is a good way to say you are making money.

19. Austria

This country do give Visa but we can’t really say they are as good as others when it comes to accepting Visa from international workers but the good thing about them still is the fact that they have give the accepted ones or tourist 12 months to remotely work.

20. Poland

Bordered by Ukrain, Poland is one of the best places to get a job because of how good the economy is. Seen as one of the oil producing countries also very good when it comes to producing things of today.

Getting working Visa which is sponsored by someone is very simple, there are alot of companies in Poland that really needs workers, when you search and get, the humble request you will ask of them is to help you work it out and if they need your services, trust me they will do it for you.

So if your planning to work in Poland, getting the Visa is not going to be that hard as there are companies ready to employ and equally make things work for you without you really wasting your precious time running after one embassy. The company will send a letter to the embassy informing them of your employment, while going to the embassy you should carry a copy of your employment letter for easy identification.

The countries I have mentioned above are the people that will offer you Visa that can equally be sponsored as long as it is in regard to work.

Europe is a place to be, a good place to work and earn real money, though might be stressful but if your abel to work atleast 40 hours in a week, then your good to go with your money making.

One thing you should carry in mind is, it is not every employer that will be ready to help you work out your Visa, to avoid missing the opportunity, you should always have a second plan.

Which Country is Easy to get Work visa in Europe

Here I will be giving you the list of  countries that can easily give you Visa without really putting you into much stress like other developed countries like the United states and Canada.

1. Estonia

This stands to be the easiest country to get your Visa both as an international student or an international worker. Having the lowest cost of living in the whole of Europe, Estonia is good choice for you.

2. Norway and Salvbad

This is nearly a free Visa country. For international workers looking for a good place to work, Norway is the best but if your going to salvbad, you are literally going on a free Visa from Norway.

Salvbad is a state in norway that is very much free and independent, just like the Vatican city.

3. Canada

Well a lot of persons have said things about Canada being hard to get but the truth is, Canada is actually easy to get, the only complain is the cost of living. It is way too high for an average salary earner, you can’t just cope with it.

Countries with Job Opportunities for Foreigners

To be a foreigner means you left your country to go find greener pasture in another country.

It is not every country that will be ready to offer foreigners job without fulfilling some things like living in the country for some number of years and all.

Here in will be giving you the list of countries with job opportunities for foreigners, high paying jobs.


This is number one because it starts from their students down to international workers. To consider the fact that their Visa is easy to get is the first advantage and the second and sweetest is, massive a graduate in any of their universities, whether citizen or not, you will have the opportunity to be employed with one year of your graduation.

2. United Kingdom

UK is one place that is not easy to enter because to get their Visa is hard but when you earn on the most expensive currency in the world, you know what that means.

3. Turkey

There are alot of industries in Turkey, it is know for industrialisation and getting work as foreigner over there is very easy.

Countries that Need Foreign Workers 2022

In 2022, some countries been needing the service of foreign workers, below are the possible countries to check if your searching for job too.

  • United kingdom
  • Hong Kong
  • Turkey
  • France
  • Australia
  • Canada

Hotel Jobs in Europe with Visa Sponsorship

If your looking for hotel jobs with Visa Sponsorship, see the list below

  1. Working Holiday club
  2. Marriott International Hotel
  3. Transcop Hilton UK

This are some of the hotels that pay the most, you can research for more.

Europe Work Visa Agents

When it comes to getting an agent, you should be careful not to fall into the hands of scammers. To get quality and good Agent, visit the embassy or Airports, they will help you out.

Countries No Work Visa Required

Every country but commonwealth countries need Visa. Countries like UK, Ghana and Nigeria don’t need Visa to enter each other.

Another country you can go without Visa is Salvbad, this is because Norway provides normads access to.the state which is independent of Norway government.

Easiest Countries to Get a Work Visa

Countries that easily give work Visa, see the list below.

  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Estonia
  • Canada
  • United kingdom etc.

Easiest Country to get Work Visa from Nigeria

If your a Nigerian and your looking for the easiest country to get work Visa, then here is the list .

1. Canada

Frankly speaking, Canada offers Nigeria a good option when it comes to getting Visa for work.

2. Cambodia

This is also another country that will offer you the best when it comes to Nigerians getting a work Visa to their country.

3. China

After Canada, China is one place where they is always a job for everyone and to get a work Visa over there is very easy for Nigetians.

We equally have other countries like; Ecuador, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Australia, South Korea, south Korea etc.

Easiest Country to get Work Visa from South Africa

For those in south African, these are the countries you can get a work Visa easily.

  • South Korea
  • Netherlands
  • Hong Kong
  • Turkey
  • Germany
  • Canada and
  • Ireland

Easiest Country to get Work Visa from Kenya

The list below are the list of countries that can get you work visa from Kenya

  • Cambodia
  • Netherlands
  • China
  • Germnay
  • Ireland
  • France etc.

Easiest Country to get Work Visa from Ghana

Ghana is another African country that is known itself good reputation. Here I will be giving you the list of countries that can give you work Visa as a Ghanaian.

  • United kingdom
  • United states
  • China
  • Turkey
  • Canada

Easiest Country to get Work Visa from Pakistan

Pakistan is one country that almost everybody in there want to leave because of the hardish that lives in there.

Not every company accepts anybody from Pakistan, countries like United states can never accept any body from there because the little issue they are having.

Below are the countries that can give work Visa to anybody from Pakistan.

  • Turkey
  • Mexico
  • Nepal
  • Costa Rico etc

From all statistics, only 26 countries can grand this work visa for someone having Pakistan passport.

In conclusion, I have been able to give a lot of reasons to get a work Visa outside your home.

It is never easy to find any company that is very much willing to do your Visa route for you just to employ you. Some might not really see it necessarily.

Just like we told you before, the best you could do is to always have a second plan just in case they company refuses your offer or request.

The advantages of the company doing it just the fact that you dont really have to spend too much money traveling to your work place.


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