You are in the right place, this is where you will find all the information you need concerning Walden, Walden university student login, financial aid, courses offered and what have you. so, Let’s work you through some background information first.

Walden University was established in 1970 by two New York teachers, Bernie and Rita Tuner, who created a program for working adults/teachers to pursue doctoral degrees. Wald University was accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools in1990, but was institutionally accredited by Higher Learning Commission.

In September 2020 Adtalem Global Education began the process to acquire Walden University which later paid off in August 2021 as they were able to acquire the university for a whooping sum of $1.48 Billion. Walden University is a reputable private online university everyone would love to attend. Walden University is made up of five colleges which are all accredited, these colleges are

1. College of Management and Technology

2. College of Nursing

3. College of Health Sciences

4. College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

5. Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership.

Walden University

Walden University is a private online for-profit university headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It offers Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Administration, Master of Public Health, Education Specialist, Doctor of Education, Doctor of Business Administration, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

The university is owned by Adtalem Global Education, which purchased the university in August 2021. Walden University was established in 1970 by two New York teachers, Bernie and Rita Turner, who created a program for working adults/teachers to pursue doctoral degrees.

In the summer of 1971, the first classes took place in Naples , Florida , focusing primarily on school administrators. The initial classes allowed students to form dissertation topics with their faculty partners before returning to work at their respective schools while completing their dissertations.

In 1972, Walden conferred its first degrees: 46 PhDs and 24 EdDs at its first commencement in Naples. In 1979, the Minnesota Higher Education Coordinating Board licensed Walden to grant PhDs and EdDs in the state and in 1982 the school moved its headquarters to Minneapolis. In 1990, the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools accredited the University.

Sylvan Learning Systems, Inc., purchased 41 percent of Walden University in 2001, gaining a controlling interest in 2002. In 2004, Sylvan Learning Systems became Laureate Education, Inc. Former US President Bill Clinton was an Honorary Chancellor of Laureate International Universities from 2010 to 2015. President Clinton was the keynote speaker at Walden University’s commencement on July 30, 2011. Jonathan Kaplan served as CEO from 2007 to 2018. Mr. Kaplan previously served three years as economic policy adviser to President Clinton.

In 2013, Laureate Education Inc. and GSV Capital, IFC, Learn Capital and Yuri Milner provided $43M in funding to Coursera to expand online education. In 2015, Ernesto Zedillo, former president of Mexico and director of the Yale University Center for the Study of Globalization, succeeded President Clinton as Laureate Education’s Presidential Counselor.

In 2016, Looney and Yannelis (Brookings Institution) reported that Walden University student loan debt was the second highest in the US, with 120,275 students owing $9.8 billion. While the 5-year student default rate was low (7 percent), the percentage of balance repaid on the loans was 0 percent.

According to The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, Walden University graduated the largest number of African American doctoral students from 2011 to 2015. From 2013 to 2017, the number of doctorates “awarded to Black people” from Walden University was 969, more than two and a half times the number conferred by Howard University, which awarded 344 doctorates during the same period. Walden University awards the most doctorates to African Americans among 377 accredited U.S. institutions, according to the National Science Foundation’s 2018 survey.

Walden is the top granter of healthcare administration master’s degrees, Master of Science in Nursing degrees, and public health doctoral degrees in the U.S., according to the National Center for Education Statistics IPEDS database. Walden University and its previous parent company Laureate International Universities were alleged to have a tie to former US Senator and Secretary of State (and Presidential candidate) Hillary Clinton , her husband, former US President Bill Clinton , and their Clinton Foundation .

Daniel Runde formally debunked many insinuating claims made regarding the Clinton Foundation, Laureate Education, and the IYF. The World Bank currently has invested $150 million in Laureate Education, Walden University’s parent company. Fact checkers at The Washington Post concurred, citing the claims as conflated and inaccurate. Fact checkers at PolitiFact.com also found the claims to be false. A story in theSept 5, 2016 edition of The Washington Post also investigated Clinton’s role with Laureate and found many of the political claims to be false.

In October 2016, NBC News reported that the Minnesota Office of Higher Education was investigating a spike in student complaints. NBC News further reported that former students had filed a class action suit against the school for prolonging their enrollments for years, “until they were left hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and still short of a degree.”

In September 2020, Adtalem Global Education began the process of purchasing Walden University in August 2021; Adtalem Global Education Inc completed its acquisition of Walden University for $1.48 billion. In July 2021, Paula R. Singer was appointed as the interim president of Walden University. Singer previously served as the Chair of the Board of Walden University.

Walden University Student Portal

After having a background knowledge about Walden University, you will need to know about Walden University Portal which is a wonderful resource for students. The Walden university student login gives students access to various services provided by the institution.

Walden has two portals, they have a portal for MyWalden student, which is a course based program. a course-based program is a type program that all degree requirements are fulfilled by completing courses . These may include courses that involve a project, such as a major research paper or group project.  While there is MyTEMPO student which is a competency-based program. Competency-based programs work by awarding college credit to students demonstrating they have mastered a particular set of skills or “competencies” specified by their courses of study rather than through the typical credit hour unit.

Full links to the Walden university student login are is given subsequently.


This is the course-based section of the Walden university student login. Students enrolled in course-based program can access it by clicking here.


Walden university also has competency-based programs. Those enrolled or the competency-based program can use this section of the Walden university student login by clicking here.

Apply to Walden University

Walden university is a private online for profit university headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is where Walden university located. Some fear to apply for Walden university because of the fact that they don’t know where Walden university located.

It offers different degrees ranging from Bachelor of Science, Master of Business, Master of Public Health, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Education and so many other degrees. The university is owned by Adtalem Global Education which bought the university in August 2021 and still remains the owner till now.

Walden University Student Login

To access students services of Walden university, one can navigate to the Walden university student login. The address for log in into Walden is www.waldenu.edu. this can be used to apply for Walden university. This is the official Walden University student login. You can read about where Walden university located in the section that follows.

Where is Walden University Located

I want to apply, but i have been asking myself where Walden university located? A lot of student have asked numerous times where Walden University located? Yes, you need to ask yourself this question before you apply to Walden university.

Here’s your answer. Walden University is located at 100 S Washington Ave Suite 1210, Minneapolis, MN 55401, USA.

Walden Blackboard

Seeking for my Walden university blackboard login? Here is the direct link to all Verified Login Pages related to my Walden university. This is useful link for Walden university student login.

My Home Page – My Blackboard Global Navigation – Setting up Your Profile – Sorting Your … (if prompted to login, use your myWalden username and password).

Students who are to apply to Walden university will find this a useful resource for learning.

Walden Financial Aid

Cost of online education has been an impediment for students who want to apply to Walden university. This financial assistance section will help those wishing to apply for Walden university.

Walden University has a lot of financial aid packages and variety of ways to fund your degree. After choosing a program of study in Walden University, you should explore or inquire if you are eligible for tuition savings based on your affiliation with Walden or other organization. Walden University can help in financial aid towards funding your degrees through many ways including the federal financial aid, military savings, program-Specific savings, grants and loan and so many more. Here is how some of this financial aid can help to you fund your degree.

1. Federal Financial Aid: to start your Free Application for Federal Students Aid ( FAFSA ) you need to fill an easy, fast and free application, to gain approval for the Federal Financial Aid. Take note of the Walden university federal school code which is 025042.

2. Program-Specific Savings: Walden University offer multiple way for their students to save on their degree which include Limited-Time Savings.

3. Military Savings: New student in April may, or June 2022 who are Veterans of the US armed forces, service members or employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs save 15% on tuition.

4. Grants and Loans: Walden University is approved by the US Department in variety of grants and loan programs.

5. Active Duty Law Enforcement and Correction Officer Savings: new student who are active duty law or public correction can save up to 20% on all tuition over the lifetime of your program.

Walden Financial Aid Number

To learn more about financial aid and other funding options, request information or speak with an enrollment specialist by

calling 844-768-1119. This financial number can be quite useful for students who apply for Walden university but are having problems with the application process.

If your concern is where Walden university located, this number can also be useful in answering your questions. Options are also provided for email contact on the Walden university student login.

Walden University Federal School Code

Walden offers the following federal financial aid programs: Federal Pell Grant, FSEOG, Federal TEACH Grant and Federal Direct Loans. To apply, students should complete the 2018-2019 FAFSA or add Walden’s school code to an already completed 2018-2019 FAFSA. Walden’s FAFSA school code is 025042. Students applying for the May 28, 2019 start would complete
the 2019-2020 FAFSA.
Argosy students admitted to Walden through the transfer process and who have been enrolled at Argosy within the last 12 months can enroll in their first term at Walden at no cost. Argosy transfer students in doctoral, master’s, and undergraduate programs will also receive a 15% tuition reduction for the life of their program enrollment at Walden.

Further details can be obtained in the necessary sections of the Walden university student login. The Walden university federal school code is one information that students who apply for Walden university should keep handy.

Institutional finances

Walden University receives more than 75% of its funds from the US government, including more than $750 million a year for graduate student loans, the largest amount for any US college. Walden University has been under heightened cash monitoring from the US Department of Education since 2016.

On April 8, 2016, the Minnesota Office of Higher Education (MOHE) notified Walden University that its renewal application to participate in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA) was rejected because Walden University did not have an institutional federal financial composite score computed by the US Department of Education (DOE).

In the absence of an institution-level financial composite score calculated by DOE, MOHE viewed Walden’s parent company Laureate’s financial composite score, calculated based on its global operations, which does not exceed 1.5.

Walden Phd Programs

If you want to apply for Walden university, you will need to take a look post graduate degree options available on the walden university login. Walden university has a lot of programs for post degree.

The Walden phd programs are offered in:

Business & Management


Criminal Justice


Health & Health Sciences



Public Policy & Administration

Social Work & Human Services

Accredited and Non-accredited programs

Before you apply to Walden university, it is good to know which of the course offered are accredited or not.

Here is a list of some of the accredited online programs offered in Walden university.

1. Psychology

2. Education

3. Public Health

4. Criminal Justice

5. Business Management and Communications

6. Health Sciences

7. Nursing

8. Social work and Human Services and many more online programs.

While here are some of the unaccredited programs in Walden university

1. Clinical Psychology

2. Counseling Psychology and other Phd in psychology specialization offered in Walden University.

This is a “must know” for everybody wishes to apply for Walden university. All these information are available on the walden university student login.

Walden Graduation 2022

Walden university celebrates student success and accomplishment twice a year, in Winter and Summer. Thousands gather, from a pool of administrators, faculty, staff, graduates and their loved ones (family and friends) gather to recognize the achievements of the current class.

A number of distinguished dignitaries, former politicians, policy holders, inspirational speakers and civic leaders such as the former Mexican President Benjamin Jealous, Arias Sanchez (former Costa Rican president and Nobel Laurate), as well as Condolezza Rice (former US Secretary of State) have been hosted in one or more of the commencement ceremonies at Walden.

Walden University will host its 2022 commencement ceremonies, which is the 67th, in San Antonio, Texas, on June 22 – 25, 2022. In order to promote a safe environment, the commencement ceremony will adhere strictly to COVID-19 safety precautions and attendance will be limited to only graduates and their family members.

Students who apply to Walden university and are also eligible for graduation can get full details on how to participate in the 2022 graduation ceremony on the Walden university student login starting from June 1, 2022.

Walden University Reviews Nursing

Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), the baccalaureate degree program in nursing (BSN), master’s degree program in nursing (MSN), post-graduate APRN certificate program, and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program at Walden University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Walden university students has rated Walden University as a very good online university, however few people thinks that the university is a joke. 75 percent of people who attended Walden university rated their experience with the online university as excellent, as the university tends to meet up with other universities, as their online learning environment was organized, well planned and doable as a full time nurse, wife, mother and that the professors were approachable and available to assist, answer questions and clarify assignments as they never felt at home.

People who attended the university said that their degree improved their career prospects, while some said they would recommend this program to other people. However, 25 percent of people who attended Walden university thinks it’s absolutely unorganized and an absolute joke as it’s an okay way to get some letters behind your name for low effort and cost, as the course trade between been wildly easy to been irrationally hard.

Others think that the school is overpriced and under taught, and some thinks that the school instructors are confrontational, belittling, unhelpful and disrespectful. Overall the school has been rated as a very good online university by many people.

Complaints about Walden University

It is always good to view both sides of the coin. A few notable complaints about Walden university have been documented.

On September 14, 2020, Walden received some bad news: the U.S. Department of Justice and other federal agencies were investigating the school’s online nursing program for misleading students about the program’s cost, its content, and the availability of clinical placements that students would need to graduate.

Moreover, since students need clinical placements in order to graduate and work as nurses, the investigation also extended to looking at potential misrepresentations made by Walden in order to maintain accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Finally, because Walden had certified to the U.S. Department of Education, in order to maintain eligibility for federal financial aid programs, that it was upholding its fiduciary duties and not making any misrepresentation with a tendency to mislead students, accreditors, or the public, a false statement in these certifications could subject Walden to a loss of federal aid and triple damages (that is, paying the federal government back three times the money it received through these aid programs).

Student from Walden University has express their concern over the disappointing customer service with no communication and lack of empathy. Some claim that Walden University was not truthful from the start to students as students are kept in the dark and there is minimal communication for instructors who are supposed to facilitate the discussions.

Other people believe that the coursework is of poor quality and added nothing to their dissertation, and that the professors are all pretty disengaged and that learning is self-motivated in the university. Poor communication when you get to your field experience and student can hardly know if they are on the right track because most questions they ask are left unanswered or unattended. Some students also believe they delay your programs on purpose using the delay tactics so they could earn more from students. 

Walden Institute

True North Treks is a national non-profit with the mission to empower young adult cancer survivors with retreats that center around the great outdoors. The organization’s newest feature is the WALDEN Institute. It’s a home along Lake Superior in Au Train that over the past year has been transformed into a retreat center.

Walden institute is a spacious retreat facility built in the cliffs of Lake Superior on 127.75 acres of pristine Northern hardwoods in Michigann Upper Peninsula. The Walden intuition primary function is to enhance the mission of the nonprofit organization by offering young adults with cancer and their caregivers an opportunity to become connected again after the disconnecting experience of cancer.

Walden institute helps keep young adult connected to nature, peers who have similar experience and also connected to oneself through meditation and yoga.

Walden online degrees

Walden University has up to 10 degree programs under these categories

Business & Management


Criminal Justice


Health & Health Sciences



Public Policy & Administration

Social Work & Human Services

my homepage Walden

Walden university student login homepage is www.waldenu.edu it’s just simple.

The homepage gives you a access to a wide range of online services provided on the Walden university student login section of the website. From your Walden Homepage, you can submit your application online, upload a transcript for transfer of credit consideration, learn about events etc.

How much does it cost to go to Walden university?

The average cost of tuition, fees and annual cost before aid as of 2018-2019 is $24,240, of which $12,180 is for tuition while $12,060 are for other costs like books, off campus and board. However, the amount it will cost to go to warden university as of 2022 will vary significantly depending on the program you want to offer, but advisable it will cost an average of $24,000 to $80,000 to school in Walden university as of now due to the increase tuition and fees, which increase about 0.78% annually for the past five years.

If your program is not completed within eight years, you are unlikely to complete it unless you petition for an extension and a good reason for the delays must be presented to ensure the completion of your programs. Tuition fees will be higher if student petition to extend the 3 years maximum timeframe for the programs or if student choose more expensive and elective courses.

Online undergrads at Walden university are charged $335 for tuition and $135 for technology fee per credit hour. Completing a 181-hour bachelor’s degree costs approximately $62,795 total. Graduate students pursuing master’s degrees pay varying prices from $525 to $950 per semester hour.

This article has discussed extensively what you need to know about Walden university and how to study at Walden. The Walden university login is the most important resources for students to rely on in the Walden online campus. You will also find information on financial aid and other related services. students who apply for Walden university or thinking of how to apply to Walden university can find this resource wonderful, and should keep it handy.

For those interested in other scholarship opportunities, you can read any of the articles found in our scholarship article bank.


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