When Scholarship Exam 2022
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When Scholarship Exam 2022

    When Scholarship Exam 2022

    When Scholarship exam 2022 is usually different from different providers. The people who are in charge of this Scholarship are the ones that set date for this Scholarship to be given.

    Just like I said, Scholarship dates differs but I will be giving you exams of Scholarship exam dates.

    Coming down to Nigeria where you have NNPC/TOTAL Scholarship for undergraduates, the application is always opened from December till 25th of March, the admit card will be issued on the 15th and 18th of April. The main exam is written on the 24th of April, it is always written online.

    Another example is Maharashtra PUPPSS Scholarship which is an Indian based Scholarship for undergraduates, their application is always released on the 21st of every December, examination fees payment will end on the 15th of January and the Exam itself will be on the 20th of July every year.

    This is to let you know that every Scholarship exam have their different dates but one unique thing about this Scholarship is that, there write all their exams before the next academic year starts.

    Having this in mind you should be able to be checking the portal of the Scholarship program you applied for any information or announcement.

    How Many Scholarship Can I Apply After 12th

    The 12th Grade in school is the last before you start thinking of the college or University to attend.

    After completing class 12, you will definitely get anxious on the correct college to attend and sometime considering your family income you have to go for any University that can fit in and some time in the process, you will make a wrong choice.

    Scholarships comes in to help you pay the large sum you would have been paying to attend the University of your choice.

    There are so many Scholarships you can apply after 12. See the list below

    1. College Admission Scholarship Application

    2. Schindler Igniting Minds Scholarship

    3. PM Narandra Modi Scholarship

    4. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Ignite Award

    5. AICTE Pragati Scholarship For Girls

    The five above Scholarship and more are the Scholarships you can apply after 12th and you are sure of being selected as one of the awardees.

    Scholarships for 1st Year Student 2021

    This Scholarship is for those that was able to enter the first year in the University. In this type of Scholarships, you can only be allow to participate if your already in the first year of your program in school.

    Examples of such Scholarships are as follows;

    • DALDA Scholarship
    • Clark Merit Scholarship
    • Richard Traina Scholarship
    • Presidential Scholarship

    Is NNPC Scholarship Out?

    This is mostly for those who are residents of Nigeria. The NNPC in conjunction with total oil organizes a Scholarship program every year, just for those in Either 100 level or 200 level and take them till they will be done with school.

    Application starts by September and ends by November, the exam itself will be written on the 20th of January every year.

    How Much is NNPC Chevron Scholarshi?

    The nnpc Chevron Scholarship offer undergraduates from 100,000 to 150,00p naira with of cash while for post graduates is 200, 000 naira.


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