where does Scholarship money come from ?


Where Does Scholarship Money Come From

Student’s around the world especially in underdeveloped countries have persistently seeked for Scholarships to further or complete their education.They need scholarship money or free tuition fees to enroll in citadel of learning that offers them their choice courses in foreign countries.

This is as a result of the backdrop in their economy and education standards.Some countries are still underdeveloped in science and technology which prompted why their university system aren’t up to world standard.

Some government and private universities in some african countries are poorly funded by their owners.Corruptions and parochial interest have been the bane of existence for these affected universities.

This practice has ultimately declined the goal of establishing an equipped citadel of learning and researching laboratories.Students’ aim and vision of attending these institutions have been nipped In the bud, prompting them to seek elsewhere and complete their studies.

Scholarship Money Comes From The Following Source

However, there are genuine sourcesĀ  for less privileged students to get academic aids to further their education.

  • Academic scholarships can be assessed from
  • Government,
  • Churches,
  • Financial institutions,
  • Charity Organizations,
  • Foundations,
  • host community and philanthropist.

Some foreign institutions also offer free tuition fees to performing students, others offer it based on choice courses.

Churches in some west African countries like Nigeria have resorted to assisting Post graduate be and undergraduates ply their trade overseas owing to the fact that local universities are poorly equipped or can make full baked professionals.

Student’s seeking academic aid are at liberty to seek help from these sources.Sizable number of students across west and south African countries have in the past gained global support from these charitable institutions.

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Are Scholarship Website Legit ?

Student’s all over the world seeking for academic scholarships in foreign countries are being compelled to apply online.There has been a massive influx of foreign students into Europe and South American states just to better their lives for obvious reasons.

In a bid to school abroad and obtain honourable degrees, many have been defrauded by fake institutions with scam websites.For many years now, African students are worse hit by these shenanigans.There has been widespread of scam institutions and and websites offering foreigners provisional admission only to end up humiliating them.

They trick by asking them to pay advance fee loans, admissions fees, accommodation fee, scholarship matching fees etc.These payment isn’t just a paltry sum, but worth thousands and millions of Dollars as the case may be.

Legitimate institutions’ websites have been cloned with the idea of making naive aspiring students believe they issue genuine admission.

Realistically, everyone should be aware of the current fraudulent trend emanating from fake website.There target is to give you admission at all cost, and make you pay through the nose.They demand small upfront payments and provide you with evidence of receipt of payment and subsequently compel you to pay huge admission or accomodation fees.

The public should endeavor to identify illegitimate admission websites so as to not to be scammed.

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