Where is Scholarship Income Reported on 1040


where is scholarship income reported on 1040 is simply talking about where to or how do you report Scholarship on your tax return.

According to IRS of 2021, you are to report your Scholarship funds on 1040 income tax form. For any Scholarship to be taxable, it have to be based on some factors.

This will not refer some persons to ask  “are scholarship taxable” For Scholarship to be taxable it means it is was not used for the specific reason it was built for.

According to the IRS as of 2020, you may report scholarship funds on 1040 income tax forms. If you are filing a Form 1040 or Form 1040SR, place the taxable part under the “Wages, salaries” line.

Write the letters “SCH” to the left of this column if the scholarship was not reported on a form W-2. You may also report the income on a Form 1040-NR. Log the amount under the “Scholarship and Fellowship Grants” column.

where are scholarships reported on 1040

Scholarships are reported on 1040 tax form for income or funds gotten from Scholarships. If you are filing a Form 1040 or Form 1040SR, place the taxable part under the “Wages, salaries” line.

Is Scholarship Earned Income

This is one of the frequently asked questions on the internet when it comes to Scholarship issues.

It will equally be wise to tell you that sometimes, some Scholarships can become an income when the money is not used for the purpose at which it was meant for. When this happens, then the government will have to ask the earner to pay some money.

When a work is done and you get paid for it in form of Scholarship, it is as good as earned income but when it is willingly given to you, it is Scholarship which can’t be taxable.

Lets not forget that as at 1958, the taxability of Scholarship was waved out and everything was made tax free no matter what the money was used for.

Who claims taxable scholarship income

Generally before now, Fellowship Grant’s and Scholarships are taxable income if they are given out of compensation. But ever since it was rolled out  every income gotten from Scholarship is not taxable.

What happens if you got more Scholarship Money than Needed

Once you win a Scholarship opportunity, what your suppose to do is to report to the school administration office and inform them of the money or Scholarship, it is in the position of the school to calculate how much is required for you to finish up in the school.

After the whole calculation is done and you still have some change or money left, the school is expected to give you the money because you earned it.


What you should bear in mind is that Scholarship is a very good opportunity for you to explore and have the basic education which you would have missed due to financial problem.

With the little updates above, you should be able to know about Scholarship and tax and how it works and applied.



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