Which Scholarship Are My Eligible For
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Which Scholarship Are My Eligible For

    Which Scholarship Are My Eligible For

    For those in Nigeria and other part of the world asking Which Scholarship are my Eligible for, well they are many of them that you might probably be eligible for but you don’t really know until you search for them.

    Some persons have equally said the period for Scholarship applications have ended because summer will soon be here and people will start writing the exams to enter new schools.

    In this Article, I will be focusing more on those living in Nigeria and looking for Scholarship to study either at home or abroad.

    Study have shown that over 500 Nigerian students are constantly looking for opportunities to study at home or Abroad.

    Well, this post is not only for Undergraduates as the list I will be giving below is for both undergraduates, masters, and PhD. See the list below;

    First Category: Undergraduate Scholarship

    This are the study Abroad Scholarship that are available for undergraduates.

    1. Nigerian Agrip Oil Company Scholarship
    2. Shell Undergraduates Scholarship
    3. Jim Ovia Scholarship
    4. Nigeria LNG Undergraduate Scholarship
    5. NNPC/TOTAL Undergraduate Scholarship.

    Second Category: Post Graduate Scholarship

    1. PTDF Natonal Masters and PhD Scholarship
    2. Nigerian Woman Association Scholarship Georgia.
    3. Gani Fawehinmi Scholarship

    All this Scholarships are available, you can apply now.

    How Many Scholarship For D1 Football

    First, you should know that this is a sports based Scholarship. This question is mostly asked by people who are seriously interested In sports.

    Record shows that the United states have over 850 football Scholarship programs which is meant to help promote their citizens who are much interested in sports.

    There are so many division 1 football Scholarship out they especially in the United states where it is taken very serious.

    Record have also shown that D1 Football Scholarship is given to only 85 persons in a year out of 15,000 persons that will participate and 129 football teams.

    The selection is done randomly depending on the performance the teams. The winners of the game is given Scholarship then the other winners are selected from other teams.

    How many Scholarship for D2 Football

    Division II school is much more smaller than D1. The number of persons selected for this Scholarship is limited unlike that of d1 that 85 persons will be selected.

    In this case the organizers will be selecting only 36 persons, so how many Scholarship for d2 is 36 in total

    This people are not just given opportunities to go to college but also given money to tell them buy some other need of theirs.

    Fully Funded Football Scholarship

    So you have passion for football and you would like to further your career and probably be playing for one big club tomorrow, well today our job is to present you with that opportunity.

    Below are the fully funded Scholarship for football players.

    • Pass4scoccer Scholarship
    • National University of Ireland
    • Pride foundation athletes Scholarship

    Which University give you a fully funded Scholarship

    More than private individuals, universities have a better opportunity of giving their students fully funded Scholarship. In this sub topic we would be giving you the list of universities that give fully funded Scholarship to their students.

    This University might be a hard to get something but if your lucky enough to be part of them, you won’t regret going.

    1. Yale University USA

    2. Oxford University UK

    3. Cambridge University UK

    4. Harvard University USA

    5. CGS China

    6. Monash University Australia


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