Which Scholarship Are Taxable 
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Which scholarship are Taxable 

    Which scholarship are Taxable

    Which scholarship are Taxable

    It may sound strange to ask which scholarships are taxable especially when we deeply understand the essence of why Scholarships are given. Scholarships are financial aid awarded to individuals, student for the purpose of human capacity development.

    Ideally, Scholarships are not taxable because they are not earned income.Revenue, income for work done are Taxable by federal or state inland revenue.Fiscal policy of a state demands that such income be taxed.

    The scenario is different when it comes to scholarship. Scholarship for tuition fee, books, and some academic levies are not taxable.While payment for lodge, travel,social levies and other logistics are taxable, that could sound very funny.

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    For example, when a student is awarded a $20,000 scholarship for a whole academic year.if he spent $12000 for tutions fee only and $8000 for travel, board,meal and other logistics, the $8000 he spent on travel, lodging and others are taxable.Read more

    There are specific reasons why scholarships are not taxable.

    1. Scholarships for tuition fees or fellowship are not taxable because they are not earned for having done work.No need for akward taxation.
    2. Can a Government task church donations ? The answer is absolutely no. Scholarship is synonymous to free will to donate to help mankind and better lives, it deserves not to be taxed nor queried.
    3. Scholarships do not incur taxes because of the people involved, they are usually people of lower class in the society and need not be burdened.
    4. Benefactors that award scholarships sometimes pay for all tax involved.perhaps they bear in mind the extra financial burden attached to awarding Scholarship to prospective student’s.
    5. Scholarship is a way of giving back to the society.Its good gesture to give back to the society after it has done good to you.Society molds you in order for you to mould others. Therefore such money that goes back to society need not incur tax since no can eats his/her cake and have, it definitely have a spiritual backing.

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