Which Scholarship Gives the Most Money?


Which Scholarship Gives the Most Money?

You’ve filled out dozens of applications and essays to various scholarships, but it’s still difficult to figure out how much money you’ll actually win if you get accepted to one of them.

After all, every scholarship has different requirements and award amounts, but which ones are going to give you the most scholarship money?

In order to help you find the scholarship that gives the most money, we’ve created this list of scholarships by award amount, so that you can find the scholarship that best fits your interests and needs!

List of scholarships that gives the most money

There are a lot of great scholarships out there but here is a list of some that might give you a little extra cash.

The scholarship awards listed below are all over $1,000 each, many are more than $10,000!

– Erasmus Mundus Human Rights Policy and Practice Scholarship

– Ford Foundation Scholarships

– Santander Human Rights Scholarships

– Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) – Scholarship

– Master of Arts in Human Rights at the Central European University


How many scholarships should i apply for?

There’s no correct answer to how many scholarships you should apply for.

I would say a good rule of thumb is to apply for as many as you can, but not so many that it becomes overwhelming.

A good idea is to go to your state and/or school-specific scholarship websites, find some that match your career goals, and apply for those.

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Highest scholarship in the world

The Harry S. Truman Scholarship is the highest scholarship in the world—it awards recipients with full four-year tuition for any graduate program of their choice.

Full tuition isn’t a common benefit of most scholarships, but many others have merit-based rewards that can also be very lucrative.

The Gates Millennium Scholars Program awards recipients with $25,000 over two years; and a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship gives students the opportunity to work with faculty at leading research institutions around the country.

Highest paying scholarships for high school seniors

While scholarships for specific majors, including chemistry and math, are abundant, high school seniors who want to attend college but can’t pay for it out of pocket should consider finding a scholarship that pays for tuition or living expenses.

Many of these can be applied for while in high school; there are also many scholarships available once you’re in college that require little-to-no extra effort on your part.

So which scholarships give you more money? Its the Coca-Cola Scholars Scholarship.

Full scholarships for international students

There are a number of scholarship opportunities for international students who want to study abroad, but not all scholarships are created equal.

Find out which one gives you access to full tuition and stipends!



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