Which Scholarship Is Available In Canada In 2022
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Which Scholarship is Available in Canada

    Which Scholarship is Available in Canada

    Planting to study in Canada but have no funding, the next question to ask your self is, which Scholarship is available in Canada.

    Canada as we know it is an expensive country and still having most of the world best Universities.

    According to QS world University ranking, about 10 of the universities in Canada are ranking In the top 100 of the best universities in the world.

    Getting a scholarship to study in just a place should be considered a dream come through.

    Which Scholarship is Available in Canada in 2022

    There are so many Scholarship opportunities which are very much available in Canada.

    Some of this Scholarship is for the citizens while some is for both them and other international students, they equally have Scholarship opportunities for only African or Asian citizens.

    Here I will be giving you atleast three important Scholarship you should consider If you want to study I canada.

    1. Université de Montréal Scholarship

    This Scholarship is tuition fee exemption, the providers of this Scholarship offer $27,300 to their awardees every year. It is available for everybody.

    2. UBC Undergraduate Scholarship

    You can get this Scholarship in two forms,

    • Outstanding International Student Award
    • International major Entrace Scholarship.

    The Level or Amount of persons to be taken on yearly basis is dependent on the funds available.

    3. University of Canada West University

    This is one of the best universities you can get in Canada. Being ranked in the world best universities top 100 is a big flex for any country or school.

    They also offer Scholarship opportunities to their students and aspiring students. They offer $20,000 for undergraduate and offer $10,000 For Masters Programme.

    How Long Does Scholarship Last

    How long does Scholarship last depends on the people providing the scholarship, some have fully funded till you graduate, while some have just 1 year.

    For instance, Canada West University Scholarship is fully funded that is, they will take care of the bills till you graduate from school.

    We also have other Scholarship which I did not mention here that is just a one year something, mostly are those ones that takes care of Masters and PhD students.

    Fully Funded Scholarship For International Students in 2022

    Well in my above explanation I was able to give you some of the best schools to apply for Scholarship, here I will be listing more of the Scholarships that will be fully funded for international students in 2022.

    • Douglas College International student Scholarship
    • University of Saskatchewan graduate Scholarship
    • Lester B. Pearson international Scholarship program
    • McGill University Scholarship

    Study in Canada

    This is the best dream you can have as a student. Study in Canada is wise choice if you have all the resources available at your feet.

    Canada as I said before is an expensive place, the cost of living is high and that is why most persons seek or as for Which Scholarship is available in Canada.

    How can I Get Scholarships in Canada

    You can get it by research or simply go to the website of the above mentioned schools for more information.


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