Which Scholarship Is Available Now In Ghana
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Which Scholarship is Available Now in Ghana

    Which Scholarship is Available Now in Ghana

    You want to study in Ghana but have not money, then your next question should be Which Scholarship is Available Now in Ghana.

    Giving the fact that Ghana is currently ranked number 46 in the current University ranking for quality education (According to Wikipedia) is already enough reason for you to start looking for a good Scholarship opportunity in such a country.

    Ghana equally is know for having a very safe environment for education and qualified tutors. Over the years they have tried and have adapted to the modern teaching method which is one of the reasons why there are still relevant.

    Back to the question which Scholarship is available now in Ghana. Well there are many of them which I will be listing here for you to pick or probably go for two or three.

    1. MTN Foundation Bright Scholarship

    This Scholarship is available for only citizens of Ghana who are very bright in their academics and want to go for bachelor’s degrees.

    2. Nestle PhD Scholarship

    This is offered by University of Ghana for those who want to study there for their PhD program. The reason for this Scholarship is to groom domestic students who would carry out some research for them.

    3. Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Program

    This is offered to students of Ashesi University. This award is for African students who would want to start school at the Ashesi University.

    4. President Scholarship

    The president Scholarship is for those that want to venture into research on science and technology. The government will take charge of your expenses to study at University of Ghana.

    5. African Gifted Scholarships in Ghana

    For those that want to pursue their undergraduate studies at the African university, this is for you, available for every body as long as your an African.

    Note: All this and more are currently available in Ghana.

    Why Scholarship is important for Education 

    Though this question might sound funny but yea, Scholarship is very important for education.

    The reason for this assertion is very simple. It is not everybody that gets the opportunity or financial capacity to attend the University or even the secondary aspect of school, scholarship comes as a remedy for this kind of situation.

    Secondly, it serves as a reward for hard work. A brilliant student is awarded a scholarship to encourage the student to keep the good work up.

    So, Scholarship is what everyone need, and for the fact that it’s not only your fees that will be given, some comes with other packages for you.

    Scholarships Facts You Won’t Believe

    Let’s take you on a ride to tell you some facts about Scholarship that you won’t believe

    • Student that wait till their final year are already behind
    • Over 20,000 persons are taken for Scholarship on yearly basis.
    • The middle class have more chances than the poor

    Who is likely to get Scholarships

    People that are likely to get Scholarships are people with high GPA of 3.5 to 4.0 this is based on merit.

    Types of Scholarships

    • Merit Scholarship
    • Community Scholarship
    • Study Abroad Scholarship
    • Identity based Scholarship
    • Need based Scholarship

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