WHO Scholarship 2022
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WHO Scholarship 2022

    WHO Scholarship 2022

    Who Scholarship 2022 – The world health Organisation Scholarship (Who) is mostly a need based Scholarship where the world leadership come together to find solution to the world education and reduce the rate of illiteracy in the world.

    Most of their Scholarship programs goes to most of the world developing countries/Continent like Africa and Asia. The Who Scholarship have been in existence for a very long time with the sole aim of eradicating illiteracy in the world and having atleast 90% of the world being educated.

    Who Scholarship 2022 comes with some categories just like other years, what I mean here is, it comes with option for every grade, starting from Masters degree,  undergraduates and PhD programs.

    The good news here is, Who Scholarship 2022 is officially open for everybody around the world. You can check the official website of world health Organisation for more information on how to go with the application.

    Are Scholarships Taxable

    The Question now is, are Scholarships taxable and at what condition would Scholarship income taxable.

    In 1958, Scholarship incomes were made taxable of the purpose at which it was given was not fulfilled. But as time goes on, it was later rectified all over the world that Scholarship money should be removed from tax because it is just a gift in monetary form, no matter what the money was used for, it should be free from tax.

    Some Scholarship providers send the money directly to the students and sometime they send it to the school. What you should do as the beneficiary is to contact the school and let them know of the money sent to them to avoid misuse of the money.

    Some providers on the other hand do ask for task clearance as part of their condition, this is mostly for the PhD scholars

    Which Scholarship are Available Now

    There are so many Scholarships that are Available right and you can carefully choose one or two that you feel it’s the best for you and apply.

    But not withstanding, I will equally give some list of Scholarships that are available right now. See the list below;

    • Jim Ovia Scholarship
    • SEPLAT Scholarship
    • PTDF Scholarship
    • MTN Scholarship for Undergraduates
    • Guinness Scholarship
    • NLNG Scholarship.
    • Chevron Scholarship

    All the above listed and moreare the Scholarships that are available now and you can pick any of them and pay for.

    Some of them have strict rules, some are simple, read before you apply.

    Can I Get 100 percent Scholarship to Study Abroad

    This question is most asked by international students looking for scholarship is that is 100% fully expense paid trip to study Abroad.

    The answer here is NO, there is no 100 percent Scholarship to study Abroad. You can not get full expense paid Scholarship, they would want you to handle somethings like paying your ticket money and Visa.

    When you get to the place your going to, they will now take over from there.

    Which Country is Easy to Get Scholarship

    The country that is very much easy to get Scholarships is China. Chinese government and other private individuals provide fully funded Scholarship that is your stay in China till the end.


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