Why Scholarship is Important for Deserving Students


Why Scholarship is important for deserving students have been a major topic for discussion for both those in the secondary and tertiary institution.

Scholarships as we know it today provide an opportunity for people to earn education. It is not everybody that  have access to basic education and most of the people that give out scholarships do it to help some brilliant persons who can’t afford to pay the University or school Bills.

Having Scholarship that takes care of your school and personal expenses will reduce your risk of dropping out of school.

Scholarships comes in different shapes and sizes. There are so many reasons an undergraduate would need to apply for scholarship.

The establishments and associations giving Scholarships to students should accept care to precisely deal with their funds to major areas of strength for guarantee with benefactors and beneficiaries.

Why Scholarship is Important?

Scholarships an open door to many individuals to procure schooling. Without help from an external source, students might experience difficulty paying for the degree they need to enter the labor force and become contributing citizenry.

why Scholarship is important for deserving students and here we would be concentrating on students who are in Nigeria and other part of Africa.

Nigeria is a country where the educational student would be seen as average, even as that we have 50% of the Nigerian student in the street, not because there don’t want to go to school but most of them are helpless and can’t afford what is required to be in school.

Report also have it that 30% of the 50 dropped after secondary school because they can’t afford the University bills, that now leads us to giving you the basic reasons why Scholarship is very much important.

Note: Derlserving students here is not just the less privileged person who can’t afford basic education but also someone of great intellect.

1. Helps Student Focus on Their Studies

One of the reasons why Scholarship is important for deserving students is that it helps them focus on their studies, without necessarily thinking of how to make up money for their fees as that stands to be a big distraction to the student.

2. Easy Access to Education

With Scholarship, everyone can have access to be educated. Education there say is the key to a better future. Scholarship fills in the gap for quality education.

3. No Need to Work

According to government statistics, almost have of students in Nigeria have work they do to support themselves financially, with Scholarship, you don’t have to work, you just seat and read your book as it covers alot for you.

Which Scholarship Are My Eligible For?

This is equally one of the questions students who are seeking for scholarship opportunities ask.

The providers of this opportunity have their requirements which you must read before applying. For instance, it is not every scholarship that Nigerians can apply and you can still get scholarships that only Nigerians are needed.

Whether your Eligible for a scholarship or not depends on the requirements of the providers.

Are Scholarship Free?

The major reason for Scholarships is to solve your financial crisis which is preventing you from having a complete education.

Scholarship applications are always free, the only thing it will cost you is your transportation to go write the exam and if you pass, you will still pay another transportation for the interview, aside the above mentions things, I would tell you that Scholarship is totally free.

How Many Years can Scholarship Last?

For the many times I have witnessed Scholarship programs, many of them is just for 1 years while some of them will take you till you graduate.

For those in Nigeria, most of the Scholarship you get are always 1year Scholarship and sometimes the state government also give full scholarship to the brilliant ones in the state.

Are Scholarship for Only University students?

No, Scholarship starts from primary school down to secondary till the university time. Even after your time in the University, some school will give you scholarship to study in outside Nigeria for your masters, that is if you perform well.


I have been able to explain to you why Scholarship is important for deserving students and still have it in mind that Scholarship is not only for the poor but the rich brilliant student can also be awarded one.


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